Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Unfortunately, I forgot the camera last night!  The kids were super cute, of course.  Things that made this Halloween typically Whitten:
1) I forgot the camera
2) The boys both picked out fireman costumes at Costco for Halloween.  For one month, leading up to Halloween, they told me they were going to be firemen every time I asked.  The week prior to Halloween, they started singing a different tune, and on Halloween day, they decided they were definitely going to be a monkey and a lion- same as last year.  I now have 2 never-used fireman costumes to sell, if anyone is interested.
3) Charlotte's hand-me-down costume, which Eric told me fit her, was WAY too small:
Pink leggings and tiger-stripe socks, because she pulled off her bunny feet
 She was a rabbit:

She also hated the hat/ears, so she ripped them off moments after this.  The ripping was actually pretty funny.

It turned out to be a good night, weather-wise.  It was nice and warm!  We met up with our friends for a pizza dinner and then hit the street.  Once it was dark, it was really a picture-perfect Halloween- warm air, kids and families everywhere, neighbors chatting, leaves falling.

Big kids in costumes

The younger siblings

Bear monkey
 Also funny- Asher and his friend Maddie have a little thing going.  Whenever she comes over to visit us, Asher asks Maddie to come up to his room.  Last night, when we went to put on costumes, Maddie asked where Asher went.  As a joke, Maddie's daddy told her "He's with another girl."  Maddie thought for a second, and then said, "Who is she????"  Not to worry, his heart is still with Maddie.
Maddie (Doc McStuffins) and Asher (monkey) holding hands
I feel terrible that I have no pictures of Benjamin, especially since he was his usual super-cute self.  The boys really had a great time trick-or-treating and I think were pretty polite- saying "Trick or Treat!" and "Thank you!" at people's houses.

I had to go home early, because Charlotte was tired.  We were a few blocks from our car, and I began walking back.  2 blocks into our walk, I looked back and saw this:

100% passed out, asleep.  Someone partied too hard on Halloween!

Now, on to candy-stealing.  Top of my list: Kit-Kats, which Asher calls "kitty cat" bars.

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  1. So funny about the firemen! Same thing happened to us. Lucas ended up wearing his dragon costume from two years ago. Sigh.