Wednesday, August 27, 2014

countdown to the cape

We're leaving for the Cape in just a few days, and the excitement is building!  We made a paper chain to count down our days, and on each link wrote something we are looking forward to.

The boys are looking forward to:
Playing at Great Pond
Walks with Papa Nick to get the newspaper in the morning
Donuts for breakfast
Seeing Aunt Elana
Going to the ocean beach
Learning to fish?
Breakfast on the deck

I am looking forward to:
Ice cream
Going for runs with my sister
Watching my kids play together
Eating my annual lobster
Spending time together as a family without the pressures of work, play dates, etc.
and all of the things the boys listed as well.

Every morning Asher reminds me it is time to take a link off of our paper chain.  It thrills me that he remembers and values our traditions- he is very much my little boy in that way.

This will be a wonderful end to our summer.  Which I can't believe is ending, but that is another post for another day.

Friday, August 22, 2014

this week

Here is our past week, without flourish or transition.

Asher told me that he loves my kisses and the smell of my breath.

Benjamin said he wanted to go to Trader Joe's so he could pick out some flowers for Meema.

We went to Target, and while flipping through the women's clearance rack, mumbled that a certain shirt wouldn't work because it was "maternity."  Asher said, "What's maternity, Mommy?" and I said, "Clothing for pregnant ladies."  He said, "Well, YOU'RE pregnant, Mommy!" I got very indignant and said, "I am not!" and Benjamin smoothed everything over by saying, "You get smaller everyday, Mommy."

We had gone to Target to "save money" on pull-ups, since the Target brand is cheaper and I had an additional 5% off.  Then I proceeded to spend over $100 on clothing for myself and Charlotte, including a pair of sparkly Hello Kitty ballet flats (for Charlotte) that I decided she absolutely must have.  They're truly hideous, and we both love them.

Charlotte started saying "Yeah!" for yes.  She says, "Bye!" and is doing a lot more nonsensical "talking."

She also started saying, when asked her name, "Mia!"  The boys think this is possibly the funniest joke they have ever heard, so any time we are all in the car together, they spend the entire ride saying, "Charlotte, what's your name?" and when she says "Mia!" they laugh hysterically until they can breathe again, and then start all over.

I ironed for the first time in a year. I ironed my really summery things (white skirt) that I now have 2 weeks left to wear. Then I wore my freshly ironed clothes to work and got nonstop compliments.  I guess my clients were tired of the 3 dresses I was rotating through.

I went for a jog with the boys' former teacher, and when we walked in the door after our jog the boys came to the top of the stairs and told me they'd been putting their laundry away.  I was so proud!

The boys received their new class assignments.  One of the teachers for 4 year-olds (Miss T) is a little bit older and very overweight.  The boys aren't in her class.  I said to the boys' former teacher, "I wonder if the boys are in the other teacher's class because Miss T can't keep up with them." and the boys' former teacher said, "Well... did you hear Miss T had a heart attack last weekend?"  It's probably a good thing my boys aren't in her class.

I got sick AGAIN on Monday. I thought it was strep, but it wasn't.  It did, however, respond to antibiotics.  I feel really out of shape from skipping running every time I get sick.  Luckily, my mom was able to come over and take care of the kids all morning so I could go to urgent care and then sleep for 2 hours.

Asher picky-pants, who won't eat fresh fruit and gags around foods he doesn't like, tried hummus.  And decided he loves it.

We went to the zoo with our friends who have a higher level of membership and get on to all the extras, like a camel ride, a pony ride, the carousel, etc.  Asher said to me, "How did I get so lucky, to get to go on all these rides?!?"

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2 days, no kids

Last week I was childless for two days.  Almost three.  I left Eric with the kids in Maine and came home to work.

Initially, I was anxious about separating them (to put it mildly).  I had never been away from Charlotte for a night; she's been my little buddy since birth, and has gone everywhere but work with me.  In my head, I was getting all sentimental, as if I were sending them off to a foreign country with nothing, possibly never to see them again, rather than simply leaving them with 3 capable adults who love them and reuniting with them a few days later.

I panicked about leaving Charlotte behind, and called my mom (who babysits on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) to see if she was free to babysit so I could bring Charlotte home with me.  Her response?  "No. I have plans."  So that was it- I was leaving my baby behind.

Then I started to fantasize. I dreamed that my time at home would be plenty of free time, sleeping in, maybe even a girls' night out, it was pretty much my normal routine.  My body is accustomed to waking up early, so I was up at 7 both mornings.  I had so much to do (clean, run errands, go to work, exercise) that I didn't even have time to relax.  On top of it, I caught a "killer cold" and felt completely run down and lousy.

I missed my kids, but not as much as I thought I would.  I was very excited to see them when they arrived Thursday evening, but probably could have managed another day or two on my own.  When I saw them on Thursday, they were happy to see me- but after a quick hug and kiss, they were back to their usual activity.  No harm done to any of them, it seemed.

It did seem to bring a complete end to breastfeeding.  Charlotte was still nursing once or twice a day, for short periods of time.  Friday morning she nursed, but she hasn't really nursed since.  It certainly hasn't helped that we were both sick, and in desperation, I took a decongestant on Saturday.  It seems to really be over.  She keeps asking, and I will sit down with her to nurse, but she is immediately distracted by something more interesting.  It's time, though- she is almost 20 months old and I had said I didn't want to nurse until she was 2 like I did with the boys.  And I would absolutely rather it come to a natural waning and end, rather than a date I arbitrarily pick and force on her.

The days apart were great preparation for October, when I go away for a week with my mom and sister.  Before these few days away, I was bitching and moaning about "how am I going to leave my bayyyy-beees?", but now I know everyone will be just fine.  I'm very lucky that Eric is a great dad, and involved in every aspect of their day and care, so no one will suffer when I'm gone.  In fact, they'll probably love it because it will be more TV and more treats from Papa Nick. In the end, I'm glad my mom lay down the law and gave me the opportunity to separate from my kids.  I'm not as important as I thought I was!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maine 2014

I'm home from Maine. I left my husband and babies up there while I came back early to go to work.  I was there for 4 full days, and we really packed them full!  Friday we went to the beach, Saturday to Portland and the Children's Museum there, Sunday to Story Land in New Hampshire, and Monday to play at Eric's grandparents' camp on a pond.
Kitty, Charlotte, and Mommy

Charlotte's kitties working on their tans. This was before the tide came in and they went swimming.

Super-handsome husband and super-buff Asher

Benjamin is a turkey sandwich walrus

First Shaker Pond ice cream of the visit.  Yum!
Benjamin as a fire man

Shoveling in wild Maine blueberries at lunch

eating every last blueberry
I got up early and went for an 8.5 mile jog with a friend of Eric's from college before we left for Story Land.
A candid of me.  I'm talking. But I love the scenery and that I look fit

End of the jog. 8.5 miles, 9:32/mile

cows having breakfast while we ran

the 6 cousins (and me) at Story Land

Charlotte is a tiger (ROAR!) and I'm Little Sambo

Asher and me riding the flying whales

Twirling Turtles. Charlotte is SCREAMING.

Mommy and Charlotte on the choo-choo train

Taylor drove her cousins in the antique car
Eric took all 3 kids out in a paddle boat on the pond
Unfortunately, I missed many moments. I didn't get a good picture of the kids with their great-grandparents, or even with their grandparents, for that matter!  We forgot our good camera (surprise, surprise).

Fortunately, they are still in Maine having fun.  And Eric's mom is coming back with them, so we will have other moments of beauty and fun.