Monday, April 13, 2015

5 year well visit

Today the big boys had their 5 year well visit, and their first visit at their new pediatrician. Here are their stats:

Asher: 43.5 lbs (69th percentile); 42.75" tall (45th percentile).  Last year he was 36.8 lbs and 40.25", so he gained almost 7 lbs and grew 2.5".

Benjamin: 40.5 lbs (48th percentile); 42.5" tall (34th percentile).  Last year he was 34.3 lbs and 39.25", so he gained 6 lbs and grew 3 inches, and the doctor was pleased.

It's funny to me that their weight percentiles are higher than their height percentiles because they both seem thin to me- but they are healthy heights and weights and clearly growing, which feels good.

The nurse checked their hearing and vision.  Both boys chose to read the letter chart rather than the pictures/shapes chart and knew all their letters.  Plus they could see, which is the most important part!

Benjamin went first, and any time he paused to read a letter or focus, Asher kept whispering the answers to him! I had to take him into another room.

We discussed all our concerns, which are fortunately very few.  Asher's torticollis, which she thinks might just be what it is; Benjamin's speech, which she thinks will improve when he gets to kindergarten; Asher's thumb sucking, which she said we could start trying to prevent but that whatever damage has been done will cost us big $$$ at the orthodontist anyway.  She asked about their socializing, their eating habits, sleep habits, and physical activity.  At the end they got their MMR shots and neither one cried for even a second, despite expressing anxiety that the shots would hurt.

The doctor pronounced them perfectly healthy, and told me that they are really great kids.  I am truly so happy that every year we have so few concerns and that every year they grow bigger and stronger.  I have been thinking, as I started drafting their 5 year-old blog entries, that they have such consistent and wonderful personalities.  I know problems can develop at any point, but so far, they are just plain great kids, and I am so fortunate.

After their appointment, we picked Charlotte up from school and the boys said hello to all of their friends on the playground.  Then we went out to lunch (no daddy, who has been swamped with work).  The kids all ordered their food and then actually ate it!  There was no trouble at the table, nothing but happy kids eating.  The waitress then complimented me on how well-behaved my kids were- we left favorable impressions all over town.

Of course, when Benjamin and Charlotte chose not to nap, behavior deteriorated.  There was an incident wherein Benjamin tried to pull Charlotte away from the table where he had his legos, and she pulled the table cloth with her, dumping all the legos all over the floor in little pieces.  Benjamin burst into tears!  Asher to the rescue- in under an hour, he had reassembled everything.

It was a satisfying day, to have medical confirmation that my kids are as healthy as they appear.  Not perfect, of course, but growing and learning and ready for kindergarten this fall.  It is still hard to believe that 5 years ago, they were squirmy little chicken-legged babies who I had to force feed every 3 hours around the clock.  Now they are big, strong, real people- not babies anymore.  Although, lucky me, Asher still asks for hugs and kisses and snuggles all the time.  Just today he said, "hugs and kisses are my two favorite things!" so I'll give them to him as long as he'll let me.

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