Saturday, May 9, 2015

Two days

Here are pictures from the past two days, in an effort to capture the kids, their personalities, their beauty, and the fun we have.

Friday ice cream treat after a picnic lunch at the playground:
Benjamin, slow and steady, with an ice cream goatee

Asher finished his cone in no time with no mess, then hopped on my back like a monkey

Asked after this, "Mommy, I have a little ice cream on my face?"
 Friday night, after dinner at our friends', we went to the carnival.
Waiting for the first ride- a roller coaster!

Strapped in and ready to go

The boys are in the middle, you can see Asher's white shirt
 It was a success! They smiled and had a great time- so different from when we came 3 years ago.  Then Asher and I rode the Ferris wheel. Charlotte said she wanted to ride with us, and waited patiently for a long time. Then the second her tush hit the seat, she bounced up and said, "I don't want to ride the Ferris wheel!"
Daddy and Charlotte waving to us from below

Mommy and Bear high in the sky
 Charlotte finally got on a ride- little cars. She is on a pink car, and her friend Reid is behind her, with the boys behind him.

Today I took the kids to the zoo while Eric went on a bike ride.  It was perfect weather- overcast but not cold.  We barely saw any animals and mostly stood in place and ate snacks, or posed on statues.
Benjamin looks pretty hip here. Asher picked out his own outfit

Love my pink lady
Tonight we went to a neighbor's birthday party and sat outside in the beautiful weather. We read books before bed, all 3 kids piled on to my lap, slipping off and climbing back on.  Last night I cried- after seeing the teenagers at the fair, I panicked at the idea of my babies growing up, becoming awkward, preferring a night out with their friends to a night home in my lap.  Preferring to seek out the kiss of a romantic interest instead of my maternal love.  It's all flying by, going so fast.  I get such pleasure from their achievements and their steady development, but please, don't let them grow up too quickly.  Their precious little bodies, their soft skin, their high-pitched voices, their trust in me and belief in good- I want it all to last.  I'm heartbroken that it won't.  I only hope that they always know how much I love them.

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