Monday, November 30, 2015

Things we said today

I don't want to forget- but today:

Charlotte and I went shopping for crafts for her birthday party at Michael's. She didn't want to leave (the light-up wand! The rainbow unicorn beanie baby!) and I was drifting toward the door without her. She has been very competitive lately, so we have used it to our advantage by "racing" her to all the things she doesn't want to do (mainly pee on the potty).  Usually we say, "I'm going to win, Charlotte!" Well, today, in Michael's, with a line of about 12 people, I yelled, in a cheerful and sing-song voice, "I'm going to beat you!"  Excellent.

We had spinach for dinner. I make a faux-creamed spinach (a roux and then milk, no cream) that is a big hit with everyone. Charlotte often eats 3 bowls of it and nothing else for dinner when I make it.  So tonight she was happily eating, and Asher would not stop saying, "Hahaha, We're not going to talk about what happens when Charlotte eats spinach!  Hahaha, that is too yucky to talk about at the table! Ha! We're not going to talk about it!"  The boy reminds me of myself.

Asher was having a tantrum and crying on the floor. To get some of my attention, Benjamin told me that everyone at school was mean to him, his good friend tripped him, and the teacher didn't say anything about it.  I kept asking him and he said YES this was a real problem and I should email his teacher. So I did- and of course his story was completely off, which he admitted when I asked him again. He also cried big, fat tears that I am making capes for the boys at Charlotte's party because he "doesn't like capes!" and "wants something else that is for BOYS but not a cape!" Poor pumpkin just needed a way to get some attention in this crazy house where he is usually the quiet one.

I also took a phone call from a client while wiping Charlotte's behind on the potty. Multi-tasking Mommy!  I am also good with metaphors, I must get that from my dad. My client said, "I'm up shit creek with no paddle AND no canoe!" and I said, "then I sure hope you are wearing a life jacket!"

And that's it- a day in the life.  Now time to confront my mountain of laundry.

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