Friday, May 20, 2016

Running: Broad Street Run + Healthy Kids Running Series

I have been so negligent in my posting here- not even posting the major happenings in our day-to-day lives. How will I remember any of it if I don't write it down?!?
Before the race. All I can say is... I don't look good in hats, or trash bags.
I ran my 4th Broad Street Run on May 1. It was somewhere around 50 degrees and pouring rain. I ran the entire race with a black contractor bag over my running clothes.  I have to say, running in cool rain is much easier than running in hot sun, no question. But finishing the race, standing for 20 minutes waiting for a friend, and then walking another mile back to the subway, then riding the subway, then walking to the car, in wet clothes... not so great. During the run, I felt strong and like I was barely pushing myself. When we reached mile 7, where I usually become exhausted and wonder if I can finish, I was still feeling full of energy. But my friend who I was running with wasn't feeling the same, and so I hung back with her and cheered her on (my sister did it for me 2 years ago so I was repaying my karmic debt).  My overall time was less than impressive, which I can't help but beat myself up over, but I finished those 10 miles. I'm now 40% of the way to "veteran" status, where you are guaranteed entry for the rest of your life.
After the race
In addition to my lackluster running, other family members have started to run! Charlotte and Asher participated in the Healthy Kids Running Series near us. Charlotte ran the 50 yard dash, and Asher ran the 1/4 mile. They are both speedy and coordinated, but Charlotte's performances were uneven- in one race she came in 3rd, in another she cried and made me run with her, in another she was pulling out in front when she tripped and fell on her face. Better luck next year, I think. But Asher did really well, and gained speed with each race. He was one of the faster kids, and next year when he is one of the older kids (it was K/1st grade) he will probably be at the head of the pack. He is competitive and motivated, but also has natural speed and grace (unlike his mommy). 
Asher tearing through to the finish
Sad girl after she tripped and fell
We have yet to really hit our stride with sports- Asher says he is good at sports but doesn't like them; Benjamin is eager to try his skill at almost any sport but is not good at them. Benjamin pays no attention to the action in the game and then says he is "bored" and doesn't want to play. Of course we will keep going with sports and activities- if none of my three loves are high-performing athletes, we will all be ok; we just need to make sure we all live an active lifestyle.

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