Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First Grade

One week ago, the boys started first grade.  They are at the same school that they attended last year, but instead of going half-days each day, they now go from 9-3:30 each day.  They eat lunch at school, and have the option to buy lunch at the cafeteria if they would like.

We wait all summer to hear who their teachers are- the school doesn't send emails until 5 pm on Friday the weekend before Labor Day.  All day long, I anxiously anticipated the email. 5 pm came, I checked my email, and only one email- no teacher for Benjamin! I panicked, because at 5 on Friday, there isn't anyone to ask.  Meanwhile, I was receiving nonstop texts from friends wanting to know which teachers the boys have to see if the boys will be with any of their friends.  I emailed the principal, assuming that I would hear back from him on Monday morning, but to my surprise, he emailed me about an hour later and said that the email system had a glitch and only sent one email per family.

Asher's teacher this year is Mrs. Radbill, and Benjamin has Mrs. Lord.  I heard from another mom that they are the two "best" teachers in the 1st grade, whatever that means. I hope they are kind, patient, and loving. And I hope my boys continue to love learning and being with their friends.  Asher seems to like his teacher a lot because she is pretty. She has long, bleached blonde hair, is super skinny, and wears clothing that shows off her excellent body (not inappropriate, but it is clear she is in great shape!). My son is a lookist already.  I haven't met Mrs. Lord yet, but haven't heard a word of complaint from Benjamin.

The boys also started Hebrew school on Sunday. This did not meet with rave reviews- they came home with "Ask me where God lives" on a sticker (Eric was thrilled, since he is an atheist). I asked them about it, and Asher answered, "We read a book, and God lives everywhere," and Benjamin said, "GOD LIVES NOWHERE."

Benjamin hasn't seemed particularly pleased with 1st grade- he hates having homework every night, even though it takes him a total of 2 minutes to do, he hates being told what to do, and he says he isn't good at anything. He has enjoyed buying lunch, though.  I feel heartbroken when I think about his unhappiness, and I hope that it is temporary, and an adjustment to the new schedule and rules. He is so sweet and so smart, and for the past week he's been nothing but angry.

I miss the boys when they are at school- for the first time, they're in school from 9-3:30, no lunches together, no afternoon play dates. It feels like a long stretch of a day without them.  I love my time with Charlotte, but I miss those big boys.
With our neighbors after school

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