Friday, November 26, 2010

8 months old

Today Benjamin and Asher turned 8 months old!  I really can't believe how old they are, and how big they are.  Eric got on the scale with them (they were dressed), and they both weigh over 18.5 lbs.  Asher is getting his 3rd tooth (the bottom one next to the one already there), and the top tooth he has is really coming in and he looks so silly!  I miss those gummy smiles already.  Sleep is going pretty well-- we are still feeding them once a night, but they are sleeping straight through from 7 pm to 5 am, and then back to sleep again until 7 or 7:30 most days.

Here are some pictures of their first Thanksgiving:
Thanksgiving started with their first snow:
Asher in a bundler I bought 2 years before he was born

Benjamin enjoying the fresh snowy air!

Their first Thanksgiving was anti-climactic for them after that-- they didn't really eat too much Thanksgiving food, since our dinner was at 7:30 pm, after their bedtime.  During the day I was with them all day while everyone else cooked, so that was a strange experience for me, my first year not cooking.  We did find time to read from the Nutshell Library with Meema Alison:

I did give them each a taste of baby food turkey yesterday.  I have to admit that it looked so disgusting that I couldn't stand looking at it, so I wasn't very sad when they seemed to dislike it.  Their next meat will be homemade and home food-milled so that I won't feel grossed out feeding it to them!

The downside to all this holiday excitement is that their nap and sleep schedules have been a mess, since they now have a hard time sleeping when there is something else going on.  No need to get into details, but I am finding that I am not very flexible when it comes to sleep schedules and would rather miss out on the party than have my guys be tired cranks.  It is hard, though, because I do like them to spend time with all of their great-grandparents, grandparents, and cousins.  It should be interesting at Christmas when we go visit Eric's family-- there are more events and more people!

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  1. What a great family! So happy that you have everyone there to share the boys with! Keep doing what you're doing - seems to be working really well!