Friday, November 12, 2010

Celebrity Profile: Asher

I thought I would do a post all about Asher (and then I will do one all about Benjamin, don't worry!).  He is developing in leaps and bounds, and everyday I am struck by how different this 7 month old is from the small infant I gave birth to.

Asher is a very happy, smiley boy.  Our nicknames for him are Bear, Big Brown Bear, Bear Child, Formaggio (from his cheesy spit-ups), and now Monkey.  I also call him angel baby, but I call both boys that.

His favorite food right now is bananas, but he likes most things we've given him.  Asher likes plain yogurt mixed with mango puree, pumpkin, sweet potato, applesauce, pear, carrots, and mixed vegetables.  So far he's not a fan of green beans, peas, and avocado.  He is working on (and mastering) picking up food with his fingers.  Of course, he still loves breast feeding and is quite the nurser.  I have had a few clogged ducts, and Asher drains them in about 2-3 minutes.

Asher is very curious, and especially now that he's mobile, he's into everything!  He runs his walker into the cat food, walks himself up to the dishwasher and tries to pull out silverware, pulls all the dishtowels off the handle of the oven, and can generally make a mess wherever he goes.  But he's perfectly content to explore.  He tries to pull up on anything and everything, and has started being able to stand with only one hand on a surface.  With all of this movement, Asher hates sitting down.  He can sit on his own, but he won't stay for long because he MUST move.  Diaper changes are a major challenge.  We only change him on a large, flat surface, because he flips and takes off without anything on!  I do like the chance to see his adorable tush, though.

He's pretty tall and thin, like his daddy.  He is also really strong, and his legs are very muscular with very little baby fat on them.  He started trying to crawl when he was exactly five months old, and at this point he is completely crawling and is all over the place.  Nothing is safe!

Today I discovered that Asher is getting his first tooth!  He was chewing on my finger and I felt something that didn't feel like baby gums...  I was (and am) surprised because it is on top, and there's still nothing doing on the bottom, and I thought babies got their bottom teeth first.  But what do I know?

Asher's favorite games right now are peek-a-boo, put everything in his mouth, pick things up and throw them on the floor, and yank on anything that dangles.  He has started eating puffs and Trader Joe's O's, and seems to have a pretty good pincher grip.  His grip is better than his chewing and swallowing, so sometimes there is gagging involved.  
Asher is a beautiful, sweet boy, and I am lucky to be his mommy.  We have a lot of fun together, and I know he will keep me on my toes for many years to come!

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