Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a bear escaped!

watching tv. what good is a brother if you can't sit on him?
We always separate the boys at nap times, since Asher tends to nap and Benjamin tends to not-nap.  We have Asher in the pack n play in the guest room, since it is at the top of the stairs and he is a deeper sleeper, and will sleep through whatever noise and things are happening down stairs.  Even though there is no monitor in there, I hear him when he wakes up because he tends to kick around in the pack n play, or open the dresser drawers.  When I go up to get him, he is usually standing or sitting in the pack n play, and gives me his huge snaggle-tooth smile.

This morning I went to get him, and I opened the door to the guest room, peeked in to see the pack n play... empty.  I pushed the door open a little more, and there stood my little Asher Bear, smiling proudly because he had escaped his cage!  Apparently now that he has discovered this new skill, he is all done sleeping in the pack n play, and only wants to climb out.  This is a problem, because we are leaving shortly for a vacation, and we planned for him to sleep in the pack n play!
practicing his karate kicks
We had a pretty good weekend- we went to the zoo with Meema on Saturday (and forgot to take the camera, dopes), went swimming, and Eric and I went out for a fancy grown-up dinner on Saturday night.  It rained on Sunday, so we went to Ikea.  After afternoon naps, and after the rain had stopped, we went to the playground and had it all to ourselves.  The boys were slipping around a little, and Benjamin thought a wobbly Asher was the funniest thing he had ever seen.  Every time Asher wobbled, Benjamin laughed hysterically, his big, adorable belly laugh.  They get more physically adept and brave every time we go!

I think Meema is planning to treat them to a gymboree membership.  As fall approaches and we have fewer outdoor activities, we will need an indoor place for them to get their energy out, so hopefully that will be the answer for us.

And happy birthday (tomorrow), Memere!  We miss you!

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