Saturday, August 20, 2011

day trip to DC

Hmmm.  I didn't realize til seeing this picture that Dad and I were also twins!
Today we (Eric, the boys, my parents, and I) took a day trip to DC to see my dad's parents.  I have to say, it was pretty exhausting!  We left right after breakfast, and after dealing with traffic, made it to DC in time for lunch.

The boys were not interested in eating, except when Asher bit Benjamin's finger, which made Benjamin cry.  Eric and my dad ended up walking up and down the sidewalk with them while the rest of us scarfed down our lunches.  I would say conversation was minimal, at best.

My grandparents' apartment was far from childproof, but the boys managed to find a broom and a dustbuster to play with.  This meant following them everywhere, because they would swing the broom around and come very close to knocking over things like lamps and breakable tchotchkes.  

Fortunately we had swim diapers in the car, and there was a pool at the apartment complex.  Eric and I took the boys for a swim- there was a little kiddie pool, so we didn't have to get in.  I did get completely wet, though, between the splashing and holding wet children.  But the weather was perfect and the boys had a good time playing, waving hello to every person lounging by the pool, and making mad dashes for the big pool.  

Then we got in the car and headed home- so we probably spent about 6 hours driving and 2.5 hours in DC, but we hadn't been since my grandmother's party in November, and my grandfather's health is not wonderful.  We're not sure how long my grandparents will be around, so every visit counts.  I think my grandparents were tired just watching us take care of the kids, because they made a few comments about how efficient I seemed to be, and how much energy I must spend taking care of them.

For a treat, we stopped at a little creamery in Delaware on our way home.  The ice cream was so good!  There was a seeing-eye dog there (he was off-duty) and Asher was in love with him.  Asher was petting him, hugging him, crouched down with his arms around the dog and his cheek on the dog's back.  It was really adorable. I hope the boys never ask me for a dog- as much as I can enjoy another person's dog, I don't think I could handle a high-maintenance pet in addition to twins.  Neither boy really ate ice cream (how can my children not want ice cream?), but they enjoyed the break and time out of their car seats.  

We got home and gave the boys a late dinner, then to bed with them.  Other than a bike ride in the morning for Eric, we have no plans tomorrow- just the way the weekend should be!

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