Monday, September 12, 2011


Today we attended baby Eli's bris.  It went off without a hitch, which is exactly what you want at a bris.  There was plenty of family and friends, and while the mohel and rabbi spoke about the baby, you could see people overwhelmed with emotions.  Later my mom and I talked about it, and various friends had come up to each of us to tell us what was on their minds; mainly families that are far away, both physically and emotionally.
Tiny baby Eli in his grandma Jane's arms, with his family looking on
Yesterday I hosted a baby shower at my house for my friend Alex. She was supposed to be 36 weeks pregnant at the shower, but baby Bianca had other ideas and was born 2 weeks ago!  Fortunately Bianca is perfectly healthy and already home from the hospital, so we celebrated without worry.
Alex (far right) with friends
It seems like I know so many people who are pregnant... or trying to get pregnant... or just had a baby.  Seeing Eli today, and holding him, made me realize that my boys, even though I call them my babies, are truly not babies anymore.  They're little boys!  I don't even remember what they were like when they were so small.

I do remember the anxiety, the lack of sleep at night, the trouble with breastfeeding, and the constant newborn pooping, but it seems like ages ago that they could fit in one hand and snuggled up on my shoulder.  I want to get pregnant again, and yet I'm not ready.  Eric and I are both thoroughly enjoying this stage with the boys.  They have great personalities, they're very loving, playful, curious, and sweet.

It feels like Asher has had a growth spurt.  He seems so much taller and heavier, noticeably more so than Benjamin.  Pants seem shorter on him, and I have a lot of shopping to do to get ready for fall and winter.
me holding my blond-haired Bear baby
Asher checking out his big cousin Trudi (whose nickname is also Bear!)
We are trying to enjoy these last few summery days, with walks and jogs, and dips in the pool.  I am worried that the winter will be long, cooped up in the house with two energetic toddlers.  I see lots of play dates in our future.

My health has also been on my mind this past week.  Over the summer, I noticed lumpy lymph nodes in my neck.  I went to the doctor, and she said it was probably nothing, but she took some blood to check for mono.  My bloodwork was normal, so I went back again on Friday.  She sent me for a chest x-ray, which made me very anxious.  Fortunately, my doctor called this morning and said that everything looks just fine.  I spent the weekend worrying that it might be cancer, and then what would I do?  I am not usually prone to hypochondria, but I've also never had undiagnosed symptoms.  In any case, everything is fine, which is a relief.

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