Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cape Cod 2012, part 1

Here are some pictures from the start of our vacation.  So far we have enjoyed ourselves, the boys have slept well, have generally eaten well, and we have all been in fairly good moods.  What more could you ask for?
Waiting for our dinner, on the bay

Meema and her grandsons

Out for ice cream- Brrr!

A Bear and his cone

Asher's version of sharing- it's all his

"Ice cream. NOM."

"Mama, choo choo cheese!" (this means, take a picture of my train)

Benjamin says cheese, showing off his stylish goatee

Game night. We stopped mid-game- to be continued!

Playing soccer with Daddy

Too tired to swim

Then our friends Cass and Walter came to visit us yesterday, and Cass took lots of pictures of us.
Grandpa Nick with Meema
Daddy with Asher

 Going on a walk to the bay:
Two boys

Snuggle bug
Sea-weed. Nom.

Picking seaweed
Handsome young man
Contemplating fiddler crabs
Looking at a snail in its shell
Meema with Asher
Happy with life
Benjamin with Grandpa Nick
 We ended the night our usual way- ice cream!
Everyone has an ice cream
Vanilla moustache
Horsing around
Today we went to the pond to swim and play in the sand.  Asher had skipped breakfast at home, but was only too happy to eat all of his leftovers at the pond.  He insisted on eating with a fork, and would run around between bites with a plastic fork in his hand.
"More pancake, mama"
Brothers at play
We did manage to squeeze in ice cream yet again tonight.  I have found it makes for an excellent bribe- saying "No ice cream unless you eat a good dinner" has resulted in closer attention to real food.  Did I ever say I wouldn't do that?  I'm sure I did, but that was before I had two year olds!

Tomorrow afternoon Aunt Elana will join us, and I am sure we have much more eating to do after she gets here.  Our schedule so far has been: morning activity (beach, pond, or playground), lunch, nap time, short afternoon activity, dinner, ice cream, bedtime for little ones, and grown-up quiet time.  It seems to be working well!

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