Tuesday, January 15, 2013

let the winter illness begin!

I have been pretty anxious about all the bugs and illness going around. I know there is something to worry about every winter, but this is my first winter with a newborn. We haven't exactly been staying in- the boys get stir-crazy after too much time in the house, and are generally much more agreeable and happy if we get out once a day. So far, Charlotte has been to the Please Touch museum, the zoo, and a playhouse in Fairmount park. No one touches her, but her big brothers touch everything. I am trying to enforce hand washing and sanitizing, but let's face it- someone was bound to get something sooner or later.

This morning, Benjamin woke up and was burning up. Conveniently, my new thermometer had just arrived via UPS the day before, so I was able to confirm he had s fever of 102.6. I asked what hurt and he pointed at his mouth- I had him open wide and could see his throat was very red and swollen. We were able to get into the doctor at 10, where he was diagnosed with strep.

I never thought I'd be so happy to hear it's strep! So easy to treat! So short-lived! So unlikely to be passed on to the baby! By the end of the day today, he already seemed to be feeling much better. He ate a good dinner and was able to fight over the iPad with his brother.

This is my last week off from work, so I was looking forward to the time alone with Charlotte, but at least Benjamin gets to be with his mommy when he's sick. It suddenly struck me that I'm the person he'll always remember taking care of him, and that's a big responsibility. I tried to make him comfortable, with cold water for his throat and Advil, but mostly he slept. We did get some snuggles in on the couch, though . And now I'm just hoping I don't find myself doing the same thing tomorrow or Thursday with Asher!

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