Thursday, March 21, 2013

Charlotte: 3 months old

Charlotte's 3 month update:
Height and Weight: I don't have a height measurement, but 2 weeks ago she was 14 lbs. She's been gaining about 1/2 lb a week, so maybe she is 15 lbs now.  She is definitely big, solid, and round.
Clothing size: She's into 3-6 months clothes.  Most other stuff is small.  Every week she outgrows something else.  So many cute things that I will never get to use again!
Milestones: Rolling from front to back.  She is very strong, and will hold herself upright with very little assistance when sitting or being held.
Outings and Adventures: More girls' nights and coffee dates.  Charlotte went to Washington, DC and the Air & Space museum in Dulles for Grandpa Nick's birthday.
Routine/Schedule: Still about the same- no good schedule during the day, although I have not even attempted one.  I do notice that she gets tired about 1.5 to 2 hours after she wakes up, so I will try to get her comfortable for a nap, whether it's in her rock n play, car seat, or in the ergo carrier on my chest.  She is still doing pretty well at night, but hasn't started sleeping any longer than she did last month.  It's not bad for me to sleep 10-4 or 5, but it would be great if she went til 7.  She nurses on demand, and we keep track once a month for the feeding study we're participating in- she nurses probably 10 times a day.  Fortunately for me she is a very efficient eater and so a nursing session is only about 5-10 minutes long, but it's still a lot of time with my boobs hanging out.
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite person: mommy, but she is a friendly and social girl who has a big gummy smile for everyone.  She definitely adores Eric and will laugh at him when he sings to her.
Charlotte and her friend Tessa, both in stripes!

Favorite book: We're still reading "Bunny Cakes" in anticipation of the boys' birthday.  They also ask for "Each Peach Pear Plum," so she hears that a lot, too.
Other big news or highlights of the month: Charlotte has started to suck her thumb!  Now I have 2 thumbsuckers, and later I will need the name a good orthodontist.  In a way I'm glad- Asher has been a great sleeper, probably in large part due to his thumb sucking.  A thumb is always there for comfort.  On the other hand (haha), thumb sucking can go on long past the time a child uses a pacifier and is much harder to stop.
a good nap with her thumb
Here is the sad news, which I realized last night: in the 3 months of Charlotte's life, she has been to 1 memorial service (our friend's mother died of liver cancer), 1 shiva (my friend's father died of complications of liver cancer), and 1 funeral (Pierrette's).  Can I say, this has been a really lousy winter. Really lousy.  And here it is, March 21 and we woke up to snow.  Sweet Charlotte is the best thing to happen in these past 3 months.  I'm very much looking forward to warmer weather, putting her in some shorts and dresses and getting out for sun and fresh air!

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