Monday, March 11, 2013

DC for Nick's birthday

Yesterday we went down to Washington, DC to celebrate Grandpa Nick's birthday (a little bit early).  It was our first trip since our disastrous trip in September, and Charlotte's first trip out of the state of Pennsylvania.

We had a great day, fortunately!  We drove down with no problem and stopped to visit Great-grandpa Sy at rehab.  He's been sick off and on for a while, so it was good that he was in a rehab and not a hospital.  Then on to Aunt Elana's for lunch and a huge chocolate cake that Meema had made.

The big treat was a trip to the Air and Space Museum in Dulles with Grandpa Nick.  The guys were so excited to see all the things that fly- airplanes, helicopters, and rocketships.  I have to say that I was completely fascinated and wanted to read about everything, but the boys wanted to play on things. Which they couldn't.  There were also flight simulators that Asher was desperate to go on, but he wasn't tall enough.  Fortunately, they were in excellent moods and coped well with the disappointment.  Benjamin was just so adorable, he wanted to be with Papa Nick the whole time.  Benjamin's little face just lit up whenever Nick was around.

Here are the boys with Grandpa Nick in front of the SR-71 Blackbird, which Nick was really excited to see:
The boys also got souvenirs. Asher picked out a Blue Angel plane and Benjamin picked out at space shuttle.  Now Benjamin has a little buyer's remorse and really wants Asher's plane.  Asher has shared a lot, but Benjamin really wants it, and sometimes happens to steal it, or "borrow" it for a while.

Charlotte didn't see any planes.  She slept the whole time we were in the museum in the Ergo.  She is very agreeable so far and lets her brothers get their way almost all the time.

When we got in the car to go home, Asher said, "I had a really good day."  I love hearing that!

The boys wanted pizza for dinner, and so we planned to go to the Maryland House rest area for dinner. Then we saw signs for the rest area- it was closed for renovations!  Thank goodness for the iPhone, because I found a Papa John's in Aberdeen, ordered a pizza while we were in the car, and then we picnicked in the back of our van.  Asher seemed to think that was really fun.  Of course there was no bathroom, so we drove to a Burger King and saw a huge indoor playground.  Damn!

Both guys were angels the whole way home.  I think i had a little PTSD from our last trip, because I was anxious and nauseous the whole way home, worried someone would get sick.  Fortunately, no throwing up, no problems at all.  We got home late, but the boys had a bath and got in bed without fuss.

We are a little tired and thrown off due to Daylight Savings.  Today we went bowling- the boys' first time ever- and I bowled with Charlotte in the Ergo and bowled a strike and then a spare in the next frame!  Amazing!  I haven't bowled since before Eric and I married, and once in high school I bowled 9 points in an entire 10 frames (so embarrassing).  I can't believe my over-tired mommy of 3 baby-wearing self did so well.  The boys didn't totally get the whole idea, and Asher had some trouble waiting his turn, but they seemed to have fun.  I love those kids.
Bear bowling

Benjamin bowling

They make me so proud with their good behavior.  It hasn't all been great lately- I'm working on a post on that- but when we have good days, they're amazing.  As Eric said last night, we won the lottery with our three kids.

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