Monday, September 9, 2013

Cape Cod 2013

Benjamin at the pond

We are wrapping up our annual vacation to Cape Cod.  Every year it is different as our children grow and change.  This year was especially difficult for us because it was our first visit since my grandparents' deaths, and this was their house.  They used to come every summer, all summer, and would be here with us when we came.  They stopped coming for the summer after the boys were born, but the house is still filled with memories of them and their things- one night I wanted to go get a pair of socks out of my grandfather's sock drawer.
drum circle
beautiful face
another beautiful face
and yet another beautiful face!

Horsing around at dinner
This year we made new memories... some of them not as wonderful, and a lot of them funny.  Our two biggest mishaps-

We knew we were going to celebrate Rosh Hashanah while on the Cape.  My dad found a reform service a few miles away for us to attend.  My mom brought the bread machine to make a challah.  Tuesday night, we prepared a lovely Rosh Hashanah dinner with steak, potatoes, and a beautiful challah.  We were setting the table when my dad said, "Rosh Hashanah starts tomorrow night!"  We were having a "folie √† trois," where my mom, my sister, and I all thought that it started Tuesday.  We were shocked.  Why my dad waited until all the food was cooked to say something, I'm not sure... but we had a good laugh about it and went ahead with the dinner, complete with candles and prayers.

Friday night, our last night, we had our annual lobster dinner.  We usually have our dinner out at the seafood restaurant on the pier, but decided to have it at the house this time- which meant bringing home live lobsters and cooking them ourselves.  I was acting very brave about it, saying "No problem, I've done it before, I can do it!" (I have boiled lobsters before; I'm not fond of it but I've done it.)  My sister and my mom came home with the lobsters and the water was boiling, and I marched over and pulled one out to put in the pot.  And then it squirmed.  And then I dropped it, on its back, on the kitchen floor, where Asher was playing the drums on a cardboard box.  The lobster was on the floor, with all its bug-legs flailing, and Asher looked at it in horror, and then started screaming in terror!  He was hysterical- understandably.  I grabbed Asher and we rushed out of the kitchen and I held him close while he cried.  Aunt Elana did the dirty deed of putting all the lobsters in the pot since it turns out I'm a big wimp.  Whatever money we saved by boiling our lobsters at home I will now more than make up for in paying for therapy for my psychologically scarred child.

We decided not to bring pack n plays for the boys- 3 pack n plays is just too many- and that they would sleep in twin beds.  The first night was a bit of a fight to get Benjamin to sleep, but he did.  Both Eric and I were a little emotional when we checked on them before bed and saw our two little boys fast asleep in big boy beds.  Sometimes it seems things take forever to change, and sometimes it feels like it's all happening too quickly.

The boys were easier this year, which made things smoother with my sister, who is accustomed to peace, quiet, and adult conversation.  Both boys enjoyed playing in the pond and with sand on the beach, although they refused to get wet in the ocean.  Charlotte also loved the pond water and splish-splashed happily.
Asher in the pond on a perfect day
Papa Nick with Charlotte at the pond
Charlotte in a big kid chair

We had one absolutely beautiful, perfect-weather beach day.
Meema and her granddaughter reading a magazine

Beautiful girl in her high holidays dress

Our vacation was too short for me.  We were really only on the Cape for 5 full days, and one of those days was Rosh Hashanah (which fortunately fell on the only truly rainy and cold day).  We did manage to squeeze in many of our favorite traditions, although I think there is consensus that we didn't eat enough ice cream!  My sister and I went out for several runs, which was a good balance to all the dessert we consumed.
boys in action

Now we're home again- sort of.  We got home very late Saturday night/early Sunday morning to a destroyed house.  Work has started on our kitchen, and the house is covered and dust and has no kitchen.  I was willing to live with no kitchen and use only our toaster or microwave to cook, but when I realized that the entire house was covered in dust, which Charlotte would crawl in and eat, that was it.  We woke up at 7 and were in the car in our pj's at 7:45 to head to my parents' for breakfast.  My parents have graciously offered to let us stay here for the duration.  We're doing everything we can to be good guests and not wear out our welcome, since work will go on for 6-7 weeks at our house.  I'm really looking forward to being in our own home with a shiny new kitchen, but the interim is tough.  The kids are having trouble with the transition home from vacation, and there are lots of tantrums.  Charlotte is not thrilled with sleeping in a pack n play in various unfamiliar rooms, and is up at least once, if not 2 times, a night.  

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