Saturday, October 5, 2013

apple picking 2013

Another successful year of apple picking!  We met our friends last weekend on a beautiful fall day- which felt a lot like summer- and picked our apples.
Apple family
the boys with their friends
Asher and his friend Maddie holding hands
Everyone liked the apples, except for Asher, who says he doesn't like apples.  He does, however, like apple cider and apple cider donuts.  We picked a bushel of apples and split them among the 4 families.  Benjamin and I have been eating an apple a day since!
"Who you calling BABY Charlotte?"

loves her sippy

While we were there, Eric and Benjamin pulled Asher and Charlotte in the wagon.  I cannot believe this is MY beautiful family!  It also made me think about when we went to pick apples 2 years ago.
Family 2013
When our family looked like this:
Family 2011
A lot can happen in 2 years!

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