Saturday, October 12, 2013

she's walking!

Charlotte really started walking this week!  I can't believe it- she's not even 10 months old.  She's in such a hurry to keep up with her brothers!

She's really growing up so quickly.  Along with learning how to walk, she got her first tooth on Tuesday.  Maybe the tooth thing didn't happen so fast, since that is pretty late for a first tooth.  I think there's another one right behind, too.

Charlotte is able to go up, and down, a full flight of stairs.  We found out she could go down the stairs after my dad appeared in the kitchen, holding her.  He said, "look who came downstairs and found me!"  She has already mastered the silence-while-making-trouble maneuver, and had quietly pried open the basement door, and slid herself down the stairs to the basement on her tummy.

She's also intermittently waving hello and goodbye- sometimes in a timely manner, sometimes after we've already walked away and left the room.  And she does "ta-da!" by raising her arms over her head and saying "dahhhhhhhh!"

Along with all of these milestones, her sleeping has been pretty off.  A week ago she was on a nursing strike, and sleeping through the night.  Then she was waking up once a night.  Then last night, she was up once around midnight, and again at 3:30- and stayed up til 5:30!  She's never done that before, not even as a newborn.  I hope she figures out the sleeping thing again, because Eric and I are very tired.

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