Sunday, February 9, 2014


Here are some pictures from the past few weeks, since I've been so bad at posting.  I have so much on my mind, and so much to say, and yet never sit down to write.

Charlotte and I happened upon story time at our library.  I was hesitant, because the boys were not great participants at story time, but she was great.  We loved it- and I think it's our new thing on Wednesday mornings.
captive audience

We went to our friend Nate's 6th birthday party.  It is incredible that he is 6! I still remember having dinner with his parents the night before he was born.
building a Lego car for racing
the finished product.
Asher didn't build a car to race.  He stood next to me and asked repeatedly, "When we going to do the piñata?" 

The next day it was warm, and we went to the zoo.  On the way back to the car, Asher told me "I'm all out of energy. I can't take another step!"
Asher gets a ride on my shoulders
So I walked back to the car with him on my shoulders.  That was my workout for the day!

Then we went from spring-like to winter again.  Monday was a snow day, which started with an 8:30 showing of "Frozen."
as fascinating the 10th time as it was the 1st
We had a little time out in the snow, but it was pretty wet snow.
a large snowball
 This weekend, Asher is sick again.  He woke up today with a fever, and he has a cough.  We had another birthday party to attend, but Asher had to stay home.  It was at the Little Gym near us, and Benjamin showed great aptitude for gymnastics.  I might try again with gymnastics at his school...
upside down
sibling love
 Charlotte acted twice her age, and played happily on the equipment.
Brave girl on the balance beam
At lunch, Charlotte sat in a chair like a big girl.  While I went off to look for a fork and knife to cut up her pizza, she reached for it and started to eat it all by herself.  She ate 2 pieces!

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