Monday, June 2, 2014

family portraits

To show progress over the school year, the boys' teacher had them do family portraits the first day of school, and then again last week.  Here are the boys' masterpieces:

Asher, 1st day of school:

Asher, May 27:
I love this picture!  I had no idea he could draw like this, since usually he scribbles.  I am a little sad that I am a one-eyed minion at the edge of the page, but I'm in there.

Benjamin, first day of school:
Benjamin, May 27:
Side 1: Benjamin, Charlotte, Asher, Daddy, and Trouble

Side 2: Mommy (no arms, no legs) and Peanut (who is a long-haired cat)
I laughed for a good half an hour after seeing Benjamin's portrait.  First, insult: why am I a B-side?  Then, is that a gigantic penis on Benjamin?  And Asher has been beheaded?  Oh, boy.  As someone who learned about the "House-Tree-Person" projective test in graduate school, I'm trying not to read too much into it!  Eric pointed out, on the plus side, at least I'm super-skinny in this picture.  (and by the way, Benjamin said that those are his arms and hands, not a gigantic penis.)

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