Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Charlotte: 21 months old

apple picking
I am belated in writing this, but Charlotte turned 21 months old on the 21st.  My baby is speeding ahead to 2!  I suggested to Eric that we consider a fourth, but he said only if I want to be a single mom of 4 kids. 

I know I rave all the time about how wonderful Charlotte is, but it's true.  There is something about her that is magnetic- I can't go anywhere with her without having at least one person tell me how beautiful she is, or how sweet she is.  She is almost always happy, and interacts with people wherever we go.
Where's Charlotte?
She is talking more, and stringing words together.  She is definitely ahead of where her brothers were at this age, but she is not as advanced as some of her friends.  She adds new words every few days, and can certainly manage to express herself (her use of "yeah" and "no" ensures that).  If we ask her to say a new word, she just says, "Yeah," but then she'll come out with new words on her own.  She has started calling my dad "Boppy," which is very cute.  She adores him.

Charlotte continues to be a good eater.  She will try pretty much everything, and likes a lot of things.  She prefers processed meats (meatballs, hot dogs, sausage patties) to real meat, and other than that, she eats vegetarian.  She likes breakfast food, but tends to pick at lunch, and then eat again at dinner.  She likes American cheese, and will stand at the fridge and say, "I wan dat. I wan dat moh chiz." Which is, "I want that, more cheese."  She likes fruit, vegetables, cereal, bread, eggs, cheese (of course), and pastas.
Sesame Place
together at Sesame Place
I have no idea of her height and weight, but she is now solidly in a 2T.  I tried to buy her a pair of jeans, and couldn't jam her in them.  They were snug on her thighs and hard to button; she cried and pointed at her leggings and said, "I wan dat, wan dat!"  So no jeans for my girl.

We've added an extra half day of preschool for her, since we had already paid extra for school this year.  I am hoping the routine will help her with the drop-off, and help her increase her vocabulary.  Her teacher says she is a sweetheart at school and a joy to have, which means she must settle down quickly after I drop her off.
Taking Kitty for a stroll
Charlotte LOVES her brothers and wants to do everything they do.  She's pretty fearless, and strong.  Thank goodness there's only one of her!  Recently, she has become more maternal with her stuffed animals; often offering them tastes of her food and pushing them in her toy stroller. She is obsessed with TV and says, "TT on!" all the time.  She has also started to say iPad and phone.  Geez.  Fortunately she also likes to read books, and asks for those all the time, too.  She loves her stuffed animals, and plays favorites from day to day.  At night and nap it is always Kitty Cat, but during the day she has a hard time picking just one to love.
3 Kitties and a Monkey
She's a love- gives the best little hugs and kisses. She has a big heart, and loves her family most of all. I cannot believe that we managed to create such a wonderful little human being.  Next up- she'll be 2 in 3 months!

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