Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cape Cod 2014

What a wonderful week we had! This was the 22nd summer in a row I have gone to spend a week at the Cape, and it was, without a doubt, the best weather I've ever had.  Not a drop of rain, days full of sunshine, not too hot, with cool nights.  The water was warm, there was no sea weed in the ocean.  The kids slept well, and played well.  Since it was after Labor Day, there were few crowds.  And one great perk to having 3 kids is that they always have a friend nearby, so there are very few demands for my attention. I didn't make it through the book I brought to read (All Joy and No Fun, what irony), but I did relax and thoroughly enjoy myself.

Of course, we forgot our good camera again, so all my photos are just from my phone.  I also tried to just enjoy what I was doing, and so didn't have my phone on me every second.  Here are some of the moments I captured:

On our way up, we stopped for lunch in Mystic, Connecticut.  We had hoped to go to Providence, but after hitting traffic needed to stop sooner.  We had a delicious pizza lunch (not at Mystic Pizza, though), then walked along the water and down the main street.
The boys and some boats
We made it to the Cape in the late afternoon.  We decided not to start cooking (this was vacation, after all!) so Eric and I took our kids for dinner and ice cream.
Mommy and sons selfie
Sunday we went to the pond.  Right away the kids began to play, and the adults sat back and watched the kids and read.
Boys in the sand
 Sunday evening we went up to Provincetown to get Aunt Elana from the ferry.  Eric had never been, and I hadn't been in over 10 years.  I thought it was lively and interesting, but my mom thought it was kitschy.  We found a cute place for dinner, and the food was delicious for everyone but Asher, who had a meltdown over his PB&J because it had real strawberries in with the strawberry jam.
Asher by the beach in Provincetown
 Monday, Labor Day, my cousin came out from Boston to visit with us.  We went to the beach and found out that the beach had never looked better!  Crystal clear water, blue skies, waves that were not too big and not to small.  It was low tide and the kids hunted for rocks and shells and played at the edge of the water.  We got hot, sticky, and sandy and had a great time.
Beach Day

Charlotte and Kitty watching Asher
That afternoon we went out and bought boogie boards to use at the beach the next day.  Eric had never been boogie boarding!  I felt like a kid again, playing with Eric in the water and teaching him how to boogie board.
Charlotte stealing my snack
 Every morning, the boys went with  Papa Nick on a walk to get the newspapers and some donuts.  One morning they bravely took Charlotte with them, and were gone for more than an hour!
Breakfast on the deck
We didn't watch too much TV, although Charlotte appears to be a TV addict, and will grab any phone or iPad she can get her hands on. The boys were happy to read books or play with toys or color.  And we were barely home and awake, since we kept so busy enjoying ourselves.
Reading with Meema

Playing at the beach
Evenings were cocktail hour, and Elana and Eric didn't miss a day.  We sat on the deck and read, or looked at our laptops, or did some work.  I looked through Eric's photos today and he has 2 separate photos of gin and tonics on the deck!  
Cocktail hour

playing at the pond

More ice cream!

That one was supposed to be mine
 Our last night, we did something new- made a fire on the beach and roasted marshmallows.
Sunset over the dunes

Wind in her hair

Captivated by the fire

Family around the fire
We drove home today and made great time.  Asher and I were both overly emotional and sad to leave.  It is such a gift to have a home in a beautiful place, and a treat to share my own excitement and traditions with my children. My other sadness was at my grandparents' absence.  They haven't been at the Cape with us since 2009, but the house is still full of their books and belongings; the things they chose to furnish their home.  I can remember them there, and I miss them.  I know my grandmother, especially, would take such pleasure in seeing my children playing and laughing in that house.

Two years ago, I remember being sad when we were there- that the boys were so wonderful and that adding Charlotte would throw everything off balance.  As much as I dread change, this year was even better than the years before, and seeing Charlotte play with her brothers, and them dote on her, is much better than having just my boys.  I'm sad that we won't be back there for another year.  After a trip like this, I am ready to go back again next week.

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