Sunday, February 8, 2015

Annual February post

Well, it is that time of year again- the time of year where I price one-way tickets to California and search California real estate for the one-bedroom studio apartment we could afford if we moved there.  Although the weather this winter hasn't been nearly as bad as last winter, it is still winter- no walks outside, no trips to the playground, no dinner in our backyard, no swimming.  Constant illness that gets passed from one family member to another.
Sick #1: Charlotte's ear infection. Note the green snot and the drool on my shoulder
This year has not been as bad as other years have been, for me. I am not feeling depressed so much as I am feeling impatient for the weather to change and for spring to come.  I have been trying to keep myself busy by continuing to exercise, making plans with friends both for myself and the kids, and getting the kids around town to as many indoor places as I can think of.  I have been cooking a lot, and I definitely have the desire to eat more baked goods and sweets than in warmer months of the year.

Sick #2: a fevered nightmare that woke him with 2 minutes left in the Superbowl.  We didn't have time to wrestle him back into bed, so he got to watch the rest of the game.  He loved Daddy's victory dance through the living room when the Patriots won.

I'm trying to look ahead to upcoming events, but many of those are stressful, too.  I thought about trying to take a long weekend in Florida over the kids' spring break, but for us to even fly somewhere inexpensively starts at $1,000, and then we would have rental car, hotel, food, entertainment... There is kindergarten enrollment, but kindergarten is only a half-day here, so I have to figure out half-day care for the days I work (more $$$).  The boys are turning 5, and I am planning a birthday party for them, with an overwhelming guest list (HOW do we have more friends every year?).  Enrolling the boys in summer camp, possibly choosing a new preschool for Charlotte, likely changing pediatricians.  Little things going on in the background that are left for me to figure out, as they aren't Eric's areas of involvement.

We have had someone sick for the past 2 weeks straight.  I am so lucky that Eric works from home and will stay home with the kids and take care of them so I can continue to see my clients.  But it is sad to see my angels sick, although we are also fortunate it hasn't been anything serious.
Sick #3: currently has a fever. This was at a birthday party a week before he actually was sick, but it captures his current state.
I would 100% move somewhere warmer if I thought I could bring my parents with me. I can't survive without their day-to-day help, and I can't afford to hire someone else to give me the kind of help they do.  I have tried to sell them on the idea of moving into a family compound in Northern California, but my mom has been resistant to it (I can't imagine why...).

On the plus side- all of the kids are thriving outside of their viral illnesses. Asher is drawing and creating each day, and I love watching his concentration and his beautiful artwork.  Benjamin has a mind like a steel trap and absorbs facts and information constantly.  He remembers almost everything!  And Charlotte's vocabulary continues to increase exponentially.  She gets us laughing everyday with the things she says, her graceful dance moves, her stylish outfit choices, her obsession with her stuffed animals, and her spunky attitude.  We've had many wonderful days together as a family where I am able to sit back and enjoy my children's company and admire the little people they are becoming.  Along with my desire to fast-forward to spring, I have a desire to freeze time and keep them just the way they are.

The countdown: 
40 days til spring (and Papa Nick's birthday)
46 days til the boys turn FIVE
61 days til I turn 35 (help! and please send Botox!)
63 days til Eric turns 35 
102 days til summer

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