Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We have had a few milestones in the past week or so.  Last week, Asher got sent home from school.  The teacher called Eric at about 3:30 (which is the end of the school day) to tell Eric to come get Asher.  She sent Asher home with a long note detailing all of his wrongs (he said NO, NO, NO!; got upset when she put him at the back of the line; he tried to help clean up hula hoops when it wasn't his turn; wouldn't stay quiet at quiet time).  I know I am unable to look at the situation objectively, but is that truly grounds for dismissal?  It is definitely attitude, and when he gets smarmy with Eric and me, we get annoyed.  But in the realm of 4 year-old behavior, is that truly so awful?  Anyway, we got our first "sent home from school for misbehavior."
Reading stories with Uncle Richard on Friday night
Then- on Friday night, Benjamin picked up the phone at my parents' house and called 911. The police called back and my mom reassured them that everyone was fine, but apparently they still have to send someone out to check.  A friendly policeman showed up just as we were serving dessert, and Benjamin was mortified.  He started to cry, and wouldn't look the policeman in the eye. Fortunately the policeman didn't seem upset; he seemed quiet pleased to see us sitting around as a family.  I offered him a cupcake but he refused.
Charlotte and Asher in French pajamas from Meema. Delicious and sweet after a trying day
Other than these 2 milestones, which I could live without, we are trying to sort out the coming year.  The boys will go into public kindergarten at the school across the street, but it's only half-day kindergarten. So I have had to figure out the other half day of their care.  There are two close by options, but one is considered better than the other (although of course they are both great). One morning I got up at 4:45 to go sign the kids up for the "better" program.  Lucky us, they made it in- kind of.  The secretary managed to throw out Asher's paperwork and only admit Benjamin, but they have agreed to admit Asher because they feel bad about their mistake.

I have thought about putting Charlotte in a different preschool; there have been administrative and management problems at our current school that we could live without.  I called around and got prices, and found that our school is the least expensive for the most flexibility.  I toured another school nearby, and it was really nice, but $2800 more for the school year (9 months of 2 half days and 1 full day/week).  It seems like we're staying put.  But I don't worry too much about Charlotte- she doesn't let herself get pushed around, and seems to have a great deal of charm and charisma.
Spunky Monkey in Papa Nick's hat
Then, I decided to switch pediatricians.  We followed our pediatrician through his second move, but he has joined a big family practice and residency and now only works 2 days a week.  When I call the office, I often have to wait 10 minutes just to talk to a receptionist, and there's no nurse's line to ask nervous mommy questions. It doesn't have the small, personal feel that I fell in love with at his previous two offices.  It was a hard decision, because I really like the doctor and had hoped that he would see my children through their whole lives, but I need somewhere where I can have more access to nurses and care.  So we are switching again, for what I hope is the last time!
Waking up from a nap snuggle
 We had our first real snow day of the winter yesterday.  The kids stayed home, but I went in to work in the afternoon.  We got to do some sledding at a friend's house before I went.  The boys had a lot of fun, but Charlotte didn't like the cold and wet very much.  I am hoping for one good snow, preferably on the weekend, where we can do some real sledding and snowman building.  Other than that- I can't wait for spring.
Snow babies

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