Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Charlotte: 30 month well-visit

Last week Charlotte had her 30 month well-visit (I didn't get to write about it because we then went on vacation and I had no internet!).  Her stats:
Height: 37"
Weight: 31.5 lbs

She hasn't gained any weight in the past few months, but she has gotten taller! She's pretty balanced in percentiles for height and weight (70-something for both).  The doctor said she looks healthy in every way.  I did report that Charlotte doesn't like meat and the note from the visit says "Child denies a healthy diet (NO MEAT)." Maybe I should just start saying that she's a vegetarian.  So the doctor is asking that I go get some bloodwork done to make sure her iron levels are ok, and I have been delaying taking her- when I took her at 1 year old, she had no idea what was happening and the whole thing happened quickly. This time, I fear she would scream and cry, which breaks my heart.

The doctor thought it would be a good idea to start with potty-training, since Charlotte has started telling us when she needs to go.  We'll see. I don't have any interest in fighting with Charlotte, which I did this morning- not over the potty, but over everything else ("No, you can't sit your naked tushie on the couch! No, you can't have your potty success treats just because!").

Charlotte was her usual charming self, and the doctor says she is doing well- no surprise to me or anyone who knows her.  I love her, even as she drives me a little crazier with every passing day.

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