Friday, July 31, 2015

Potty training- the 3rd and final chapter

My big girl has been in underwear all week!  It was really Charlotte's decision- a few weeks ago we noticed her grabbing at herself before she would pee or poop, and then she would announce, "I peed! Change my diaper." So we started conversation around potty training, and she and I picked out some underwear (Bubble Guppies), and her reward (Starburst), and then, last Saturday, she just said, "I want to wear underwear!"  She had gone poop in the potty on Friday afternoon, which was big excitement, and I think spurred her on to give the whole thing a try.

We have had mainly success since- meaning, she is mostly dry, with the occasional pee accident, and has done most of her poops in diapers. She is very good at holding her pee, and seems to be getting the hang of peeing when she sits down, rather than sitting down and waiting for the pee to come out.  She loves the cheers, claps, and adoration she gets when she pees or poops in the potty, and we have made sure to make a big deal out of every time she goes.  Even her brothers are supportive, except that Asher complains at times that it's "not fair" that she gets Starburst when he doesn't.  I have reminded him of the lollipop scam he ran when we trained him (peeing 6-7 times a day so he could keep getting lollipops!), which he denies ever happened.

Charlotte wore underwear to camp everyday and had no accidents, although I couldn't promise that she didn't pee in the pool.  She is very proud of herself and going pee on the potty.  Our next hurdle is- she has been going on her "little potty" and seems uninterested or unwilling to go on the big potty. I think my plan is to let her really get the hang of things on the little potty (and yes, cart it everywhere with us) and then transition to the big potty.

I can't believe this could really be it!  No more diapers for us, for the first time in over 5 years? I really can't imagine it!  I am so proud of, and impressed with, my big girl for making this decision and for learning so quickly. So far it has really been a painless process for all of us. I told her that if she has no accidents tomorrow, and does all her pees and poop on the potty, I will take her out for ice cream and to pick out the tutu of her choice- and then sign up for ballet class!

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  1. Hi, Becca. Just saw your father and grandmother at the Watergate today. You are lucky. Both of my girls trained at 3. Chloe also insisted that I carry around the little potty everywhere, but this only lasted for a month. Don't forget she is little and the big toilet may be intimidating to her. The little potty is sort of a security blanket. Was hoping to see you soon, but I understand that you all are going to the Cape at the end of the month (tough assignment!) Then it is off to Kindergarten for the big boys! Love, Lisa