Sunday, August 30, 2015

Camp 2015

This is a very belated post- but all 3 kids had a great summer, and that included camp. The boys went to the same camp they attended last year, but this year loved it much, much more. They adored their counselors, made new friends, and learned to swim!  We had 5 weeks (camp ran 6 but we were on vacation for one of them) of no complaints and happiness to go.  Each boy chose a favorite counselor who they hugged and loved everyday.

Their summer ended with a camp "show" where each bunk did a choreographed dance.  Benjamin was totally into the dance and did an amazing job. I have been begging him to sign up for dance class ever since, but he's not biting.
Benjamin on the right. Asher is at the end of the line vaguely waving his hands. He said he couldn't dance because he'd hurt his pinky.

The boys with their beloved counselors
They loved camp so much that when we drove past it a few days later on our way to Sesame Place, they asked if they could go back to camp instead of going to Sesame Place. I guess it was a pretty good summer!

Charlotte had less to say about her camp, which was at her preschool, but she seemed to have fun.  I was not overly impressed by her counselors, who never took the time to introduce themselves to us, were often running late, and seemed somewhat disorganized.  I'm pretty sure she will go to camp with the boys next summer, even though the drive to get there is kind of a pain.

We got this super cute picture of her with her bunkmate/classmate:
She has become very confident in the water and although she doesn't know how to swim, knows her limits.  I am sure she'll be swimming soon, but for now she loves playing in the water and splashing around.

These camp photos are followed on the camera roll by something completely unrelated but funny- Benjamin asked me for rice krispie cereal for breakfast, "like on the box."  Here is a photo of the box:
So I made him this:
Which resulted in him rolling around on the floor, crying, with tears running down his face, because I made it wrong.  I am truly mystified by this parenting thing. 

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