Monday, August 17, 2015


Eric and I went away last weekend, just the two of us, to Cancun. It was a friend from college who got married, and we spent 3 days and 3 nights at a resort, just us (and a group of friends), with a lot of sun, water, and fun.  Ahhhh.

I wasn't sure I could actually not DO anything for an entire day, but it turns out I can! We spent the day on Saturday at the pool with books and friends, swimming, talking, and eating.  I managed to just do nothing and enjoy it.

Friday night's Welcome Dinner had a woman doing henna, so I got some done. I liked how it looked and said, "I wish it would last forever!" but of course that isn't true, because if I wished I could have something drawn on my body for eternity, I would have gotten a tattoo by now. I guess I wish it lasted a little longer.
Our hotel was very nice, we had a big king-size bed (it's on the list should we ever win the lottery) and a room with a balcony looking out over the ocean.  It wasn't all-inclusive but the wedding events covered a lot of meals so we only needed breakfast, one lunch, snacks, and daytime drinks.  We had free coffee and Eric and I had our breakfasts on the balcony looking out over the ocean. 

The beach at our hotel
Eric doing nothing
Amanda and her husband, Brad, NOT doing nothing. They are working.

The view from our hotel room balcony.
 Saturday night dinner was outside by the water.  Eric and I got this picture of us together:
which, I have to pat my own back, we look damn good!  We are 35 and have 3 kids and we look even cuter than we did 10 years ago (in my opinion).  Ha!

My friend, the bride, had gorgeous outfit after gorgeous outfit, tons of beautiful jewelry, and her hair and makeup were perfect. She was stunning!  Here she is in her golden princess bride outfit:

 The wedding was on Sunday, midday. A Hindu ceremony (the bride is Indian-American and the groom is Puerto Rican).  It was steamy and we had fans to cool off. The groom rode in on a horse- every one at the hotel had gathered at the edge of the resort to watch the procession.
The groom on his steed

Bride and groom after the wedding ceremony
The wedding reception was Sunday night. There was a very long cocktail hour-and-a-half, and then we went into the dining room for speeches. There was no food or drink during speeches, but then there was a huge Indian buffet.  Eric and I got seconds it was SO good.  Then lots of dancing on a light-up dance floor.
Me with Amanda. I am sure we look exactly the same as we did 15 years ago in college.
With the bride and groom
It was a lavish weekend, with nonstop celebration.  We enjoyed the amenities at the hotel, and the company, and the reason for being there.  It was a great getaway and some of the calm carried over into the week.  My parents kindly and generously watched all 3 kids all 4 days we were gone, and spoiled them rotten (Froot Loops and french fries for breakfast! Ice cream for dessert!).  The kids were alive and well when we returned, although Meema then needed a few days away from them.  Then back to reality for all of us- messy house, laundry piles, working, and a case of strep for me. Thank goodness our next vacation is only 1.5 weeks away!

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