Sunday, February 28, 2016

Asher rides & Benjamin reads

Today, on a quiet day with no big plans, we got to have 2 big firsts!  This morning we went out- the boys and Eric on bikes and Charlotte on her scooter- to get some fresh air in the beautiful sunshine.  Asher resisted getting his training wheels off, but agreed to try riding Benjamin's bike without training wheels.  He got on with Eric holding the back, and then Eric tried to coach him, but Asher said, "Let go, Daddy! I'm gonna do it!" and that was it! He was off!
We couldn't believe it.  I told my mom that both boys have deprived us off that rite of parenting- the half-crouched jog behind the bike reassuring the kid that they can do it. We always have that chance with Charlotte, but given her stubborn independent streak, that also seems unlikely.
He is adorable!
And then Benjamin. After nap, he asked me if I would read to him, and handed me a book marked "early reader." I told him, "I bet you could read this to me!" so he decided to give it a try, and read the whole thing! There were a couple of words that gave him pause (the elephant in the book is named Gerald and I had to tell him what it was) and one page that he read just fine but asked me to read back to him more fluently so he could better understand, but he did it!  I got so excited, and I gave him hugs and kisses. I could tell that he was pleased with himself, too.
Benjamin's first book
Asher seemed a little pouty when Benjamin got all the positive attention.  I found myself wanting to be just as positive with him(and I had been, just this morning!). But really, it was Benjamin's accomplishment and he deserved my full attention as his reward.  We then called Meema to tell her what Benjamin did, because I remember calling my grandma Sonia right after I read my first book (Green Eggs and Ham).

And last but not least, my girl- she didn't do anything out of the ordinary today, just acted her usual, spunky self. She dressed herself in kitty cat leggings, a tutu, and a multi-colored polka dot shirt, as only she can do.  She rode her scooter and talked to herself, setting up a race around the parking lot where she was always in the lead.
Charlotte Kitty Cat on her scooter
And she played with our neighbor friends and showed off her independence,  strength, and creativity.
I say, "Charlotte, sit down!" and this is what she does.
For the past few nights, Charlotte has been wearing underwear to bed rather than a pull-up, and staying dry.  What a big girl she is!

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