Monday, April 5, 2010

10 days old

So much has been happening here!  The boys had a big day last week-- their bris and naming.  For people who aren't Jewish, a bris is a Jewish ritual circumcision.  The circumcision is performed by a mohel, who is basically a professional circumciser, and takes place on the 8th day of the boy's life.  A mohel does about 4 circumcisions a day, most days, and the one we chose had done it for over 30 years.  So he knows his stuff!  I was very comfortable with him doing the circumcision.  I have no problems with circumcision, so was not too worried going into the big day.  Here is a picture of the unassuming victims on their way to my parents' house for the big bris:
There were about 50 friends and family members in attendance.  My mom's friends seemed totally thrilled and overwhelmed to meet my sons and everyone was exclaiming over how gorgeous they are and how wonderful it is that they have arrived safely and in good health.  I was also again so grateful for all of the love and support that these babies (and their parents!) have from those around them.  There is no doubt in my mind that these boys are well-loved.  Here are some pictures from the ceremony (taken only when diapers are on):
First, Benjamin is done and was given his Manischewitz-soaked lollipop (which he sucked every ounce of wine out of):
 Here is Asher getting his lollipop:

And here are both boys getting their Hebrew names. 

To make life simple, their Hebrew names are the same as their English names.  Most Hebrew names are in the form of "Rebecca, daughter of (mom's name) and (dad's name).  But because Eric is not Jewish, my boys are just "son of Rebecca."  Eric participated in the ceremony despite the fact that it was full of talk about God and Judaism and he does not believe in God.  I was very appreciative of that, since he knows how much all this means to me.  Not that I am especially religious, but I strongly identify with Judaism and its values, and we are in agreement that is how we will raise our sons.  So we are off on the right foot here.  Oh, and I didn't watch the circumcisions.  I am ok with it happening but no need to see it take place.  I also didn't really cry-- just a little when I heard my babies start to cry, but they quickly stopped and then I felt ok. 

In other baby news, both boys lost their umbilical cord stumps.  Asher lost his yesterday, and Benjamin lost his today.  They both had baths (those pictures will come later) in the kitchen sink.  They seemed to hate the bath, but I loved how soft their skin was afterward.

My recovery is going uneventfully.  I have more energy everyday.  Today we went on a walk in the beautiful weather.  They slept, and it was the longest walk I have taken since December!  My mom pushed the stroller up the big hills, but it felt good.  My tummy has gone done A LOT.  I am nowhere near my former body, there is still a little pouch below my belly button, but I am hopeful that I can take care of it once I start to exercise.  And, after all those weeks stretch-mark free, I have stretch marks.  They are on my right side, basically where Asher was.  I am going to try out the Mederma stretch mark cream and see how it goes.

I have been wearing something called the "Belly Bandit" during the day.  It is basically a new-fangled girdle, one big piece of fabric with velcro.  It holds everything in and supposedly improves posture.  I don't know if it is responsible for the reduction in the size of my belly, but at this point, I would say it was worth it.  I will have to take a belly picture soon to show you.  But only from the side, since from the front you can see all the stretch marks and I'm not entirely comfortable with that.

To end, just some pictures of my beautiful boys.  Here is Benjamin napping on Eric:
Here is Asher after a very exhausting breast-feeding session:
And Asher in a "Mommy Loves Me" onesie:
As you can see, they couldn't be cuter.  I could just eat them up!  I am in love with them, and find it easier to relax into our routine.  I have been able to nap while they nap most days, so that helps, too.  And my mom is over pretty much every day to help us out, which is wonderful.  I know things will change from day to day, but right now we are doing well.


  1. They are so precious!
    Glad to hear your thoughts on the belly bandit- I was thinking about it and the shrinx hip thing.
    I just started getting stretch marks and a lady told me today that wheat germ oil works wonders in minimizing their appearance. Just thought I would share!
    I'm loving the updates!

  2. They are just so adorable! Many congrats on a beautiful event (and to the energy and napping while they nap!)