Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Asher took his first steps!

My monkey in his monkey pajamas
I went to work today and told my mom I thought Asher was working hard on walking.

And I was right-- Asher took his first steps today!

Of course it would have to happen while I was at work...  I barely work, so it is pretty funny that he would do it when I was gone.  Earlier in the day, I spent a lot of time next to him on the floor, encouraging him to take a step toward me, but he kept dropping down to his butt.

Now I can't wait til tomorrow to see him try again!


  1. That's awesome - yay Asher! Hope he walks all over the place for you tomorrow.

  2. While filling the tub tonight I saw Asher take a few steps. He held onto the radiator cover to stand up. Then he took 2 or 3 steps to the vanity and leaned on that. Then back to crawling. He's really good at splashing in the tub, too. Glad I got back from work soon enough to help at bedtime - those are two sweeties.