Thursday, February 24, 2011

a bunch of sickos!

Asher with his mommy-- both sick!
Well, we have managed to get sick.  My father-in-law, Steve, started feeling sick on Monday, and while we tried to tell him to hide in the bedroom, it seems his germs were all around.  Last night, my mother-in-law, Pat, and I both started coughing.  Then this morning, I woke up with a fever, and by the time Asher woke up from his nap, he had a fever, too.  Looking at this picture, I see that Asher looks better when he's sick than I do.

So today was tough, Asher wanted to be held a lot, which I was happy to do, since I didn't have the energy to play.  But that left out poor Benjamin.  Fortunately, being here with my in-laws, Pat was able to give Benjamin plenty of attention and hugs.  For now, Benjamin seems ok, but I really think it is only a matter of hours before he gets sick, too.

What a vacation!  We are also about to buy a minivan, heaven help us.  We always swore we would never drive a minivan, but now that we have twins, we are singing a different tune.  I will update more on that later, for now, I have to sleep!


  1. Sick again! Sorry Becca, hope you and the boys feel better!

  2. Oh no, sorry you are sick! But I am interested to hear about the mini-van. I see one in my near future!