Monday, July 18, 2011

1st trip to the zoo!

Yesterday we took our first trip to the zoo!  As a first birthday gift, our friends Cass and Walter bought us a family membership, and came down from Boston to take us on our first trip to the zoo.  We decided to forgo morning naps and go when the zoo opened, before it got too hot.

Here is Benjamin, excited about his first time at the zoo:
Here I am with Benjamin, and I think we are looking at a jaguar.  Or, I am looking at the jaguar and he is looking at his feet. A lot of the big cats at the zoo were sleeping.  One lion was so asleep that I wasn't sure he was even breathing!
 Here I am explaining to Asher about endangered animals.
Here is Asher walking with his daddy and his Grandpa Nick.  We tried out our harnesses on the guys and it worked really well with Benjamin- he enjoyed the freedom to run around, and I enjoyed not worrying that about him becoming lion lunch.
We saw many animals, and especially enjoyed seeing the gorillas and the golden-maned tamarins that are loose.  I love the primates, bears, and big cats.  I think the boys most enjoyed anything that moved, including the sea otters, who were having a great time swimming around.
A beautiful polar bear
Around 12:30 the boys started falling asleep in their stroller, so we decided to head home.  They took long afternoon naps (which I needed, too!).  The zoo membership was really a wonderful gift, and we will get a lot of use out of it.  I know my mom, who is traveling in Asia right now, can't wait to take them, too.

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