Saturday, July 30, 2011

2nd conceptiversary

Today is two years since my boys were conceived!  One year ago the memories of my IVF still felt so fresh, but now they feel much more distant.  I almost want to laugh when I think of all that time I had to myself, and how I was able to actually rest in bed for bed rest.

I am so thankful for the miracles that brought us our little guys.  My life is so much more full with them in it.  Two years ago today I felt hopeful that I would conceive, get pregnant, stay pregnant, have a child.  I don't think I could have imagined what life would be like today!

So happy 2nd conceptiversary to my 2 little boys, and to the 9 frozen embryos we have hanging out on ice somewhere!

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  1. happy 2nd conceptiversary! Guess that means mine is coming up too!