Monday, November 7, 2011

Benjamin's early intervention evaluation

Benjamin the fashion icon
A couple of weeks ago Benjamin had an evaluation with early intervention to see if he qualified for services to help him learn to talk.  The end result is that, despite the fact that he doesn't really talk, he does not qualify for services.

It was interesting to watch the evaluation.  We had Asher evaluated in November of 2010, when he was a little under 8 months old, and it was completely different with an 18 month old.  At 8 months I was impressed with Asher's physical abilities, but there wasn't much else the team could look at.  With an 18 month old, the number and variety of skills they look at is so much greater!  

The evaluator sat with Benjamin on the floor and played with a variety of toys.  While the boys and I play a lot, I have never specifically watched to see what skills they had.  Benjamin was able to do everything the evaluator needed him to after watching her do it just once.  He stacked things, fit shapes into a cube, and put sticks in small holes.  The evaluator watched him eat his lunch and said he ate in a very "mature" way.  He watches our mouths when we talk, and makes eye contact.  The evaluator said he shows that he has all the elements he needs to talk, and that it will likely start soon.

It was a great opportunity for me to really focus on Benjamin and all his skills.  His fine motor skills seem very good, and he is clearly curious and a quick learner.  He still isn't talking much, he will occasionally say "hello" and "more."  He says "daddy" a lot, and he says "no," but not always at the appropriate time!  Sometimes he and Asher seem to be babbling a great deal, and sometimes they seem silent.  I still worry about them.  I notice other kids their age saying a lot more.  

In the meantime, Asher will be getting a speech teacher, so whatever she does with him, we will do with both of them.  I am hoping things happen soon!

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