Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

my sheep in their jeep
Maybe I should say unhappy halloween?  Judging from the looks on their faces, I would say this isn't their favorite holiday.

However, they let me put their costumes on them- including the hats!- and didn't rip off the fur or the hats.  They let us cart them around to some neighbors' houses to say hello.  I can't ask for anything more at this age!

I gave them a snickers to share, which they seemed to love the taste of.  Unfortunately, Asher didn't chew it well and started to cough, and I knew I was about to see that snickers bar again.  My mom and I caught the start of it in our hands, and while we were inside washing our hands, my dad got the rest of it in his hands. Anything to save the white sheep costume!

Otherwise the night was uneventful.  We had our neighbors over to share dinner and our candy.  We had Halloween with them two years ago when I was pregnant, then last year took a picture of our boys with their then 4-day old son!  This year my boys were both running circles and their son was crawling and pulling up all over the house.
an attempt to pose all 3 boys. only 2 out of 3 cooperated.
want some candy?
I can't believe I came up with an idea, and made their costumes.  I don't consider myself especially creative, or crafty, so I am impressed.  Of course, big thank yous to my mom and mother-in-law for helping with crafty ideas and some sewing, and Eric for making the jeep grill and headlights.  Overall, a good Halloween!

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