Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and 20 months old

The guys in their super-cute Thanksgiving outfits, waiting for mama to get ready.

Last night as I was falling asleep I realized- it was the boys' 20 month birthday and I had totally forgotten!  I guess we are getting to the age where fewer things change month to month.

We had a lovely and fairly quiet Thanksgiving.  For the first time in many, many years none of my grandparents came for Thanksgiving.  Some of my family is living overseas, in Israel and Kazakhstan, so they didn't come, either.  In the past we've had 25 or more people at the table, but this year we only had 15, including Benjamin and Asher.
15 people still require 2 turkeys
Smoked turkey, which Eric made

Eric and I were worried, because the boys didn't really nap during the day, and we planned to keep them up past their normal bedtime to be with the family, but they both were in great moods, and so much fun.  Benjamin adored the turkey, and double-fisted it.  They were a little more picky about the other foods, and had so much fun playing with their cousins that they didn't even want dessert.
Handsome Benjamin
Asher being a goofball
Benjamin on the rocking horse
The boys had a great time and stayed in good moods the entire evening.  They got to bed around 9, which is two hours later than their normal bed time.  I had that eternal hope that a late bedtime would result in a late wake time, but no such luck-- they were up at 6:45!

The rest of the weekend was fairly low-key.  I saw my sister and my cousin, got exercise, and on Friday night Eric and I went out to dinner with another couple, which was a lot of fun.

Benjamin getting ready to zip-line
Asher getting on the zip-line
On Saturday morning the boys and I got hair cuts.  I didn't really want to cut Asher's beautiful blond curls, but his hair was getting long in the back.  Both boys were perfectly behaved for their hair cuts.

In the afternoon we went over to my aunt and uncle's, where my uncle had built a zip-line for my little cousins to play on while they visited.  We managed to get Benjamin to take a ride on it, but Asher wouldn't stay on the seat.  Then I wanted a ride on it, which I did.  Unfortunately, the zip-line was built for people who weigh about 50 pounds, and I weigh more than that, so I ended up with my butt on the ground in the middle of it!  It was fun anyway, and it gave the family something to laugh at.

Because the weather has been so beautiful, we've tried to take advantage of it.  Today we went to the zoo (the 3rd weekend in a row that the boys have been!).  They seem to like the children's zoo the most, and even seem to recognize it when we're close.  They love petting and grooming the goats and sheep.
Benjamin grooming the goat
Asher grooming the goat
Asher was very affectionate with the goats, and even went to give one goat a kiss on the lips!  Good thing I'm not a major germophobe.  After the petting zoo, we went to wash hands, and the boys knew exactly what to do.  I am not sure who likes the zoo more, the boys or their parents.  I love seeing the animals, and the big cats are much more active now that the weather is cooler.

Overall, we have had a wonderful, if sleep-deprived, weekend.  The boys get cranky when they're not well-rested, and we had some tantrums this weekend.  It reminded me how lucky I am to have two children with easy-going temperaments!  Even their tantrums were short and relatively painless.  Just like their parents, those children need their sleep!

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