Friday, December 2, 2011

let the shopping begin!

Today the boys went with me on my annual spend-too-much-at-Target trip.  Unfortunately, they were not in their best moods, and ended up getting pretty crabby before I managed to look for everything I needed.  I guess they were helpful in preventing me from overspending!  Similarly, they were helpful in preventing me from overeating on Thanksgiving (or at any meal I have with them).

Anyway, the trip started out as a good time.  Here are the boys with gift bags on their heads as hats.
While we were doing this and laughing, two little boys came up to say hello to them, and told me I have cool babies.  I thought that was sweet.  Then they asked if they could get in the cart with them, and I had to tell them no, but I'm glad we look like a fun family to be a part of!

The trip pretty much went downhill from there, and ended with my carrying Benjamin so that he could push the cart, and Asher busting out of the straps.  I then had to chase both boys down to get Asher back in the cart (in the basket part, not the part with the seat belts, but it's better than him getting run over in the parking lot), and carry Benjamin out in my arms.  I had been planning to stop for food for dinner on our way home, but decided no way I was going to wrestle them out and back in their car seats again.

I am very thankful for online shopping, and especially for sites that offer free shipping.  If I had to take the boys on all my trips, no one would get anything!  I am hoping for a good night's sleep tonight and better moods tomorrow.

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