Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breastfeeding: the final installment

I was thinking about this today after being alerted to the stink about Time magazine's new cover.  I admit it is a little strange to see a boy who is at least half his mom's size standing up and nursing.  But being the pro-breastfeeder that I am, I see no reason why he and his mom can't continue to do that in private.  I guess I am just not the type to put a picture like that out in public.

At our house, breastfeeding is over.  I had thought about stopping at 12 months, but wasn't ready.  I decided we would go until the boys weaned themselves or they reached 2, whichever came first.

By March, they were each only nursing first thing in the morning, and Benjamin wasn't even doing that consistently.  I was pretty sure that my left breast (Benjamin's) was no longer producing milk.  Asher was still enthusiastic about his first-thing session, so I could feel that he was still getting something when he nursed.

When they got sick (March 20), Asher wanted to nurse frequently, and that was the only way he was taking fluids.  I was so glad that we were still nursing, and glad that he was getting something when he was so sick and dehydrated.

But after the bout of flu, they really wound down.  I have no memory of when Benjamin last nursed, but I think it was during the week between their stomach bug and his 2nd birthday.  I am kind of glad that I didn't know our last session was our last, because I would have felt sentimental and sad about it.  But he just stopped asking, and I haven't offered.

Asher has still been asking first thing, but since Benjamin stopped, my milk seems to have dried up.  For the past week or so, Asher has tried to latch on and then rejected my breast.  I am not sad.  We have had a wonderful run, much longer than I had anticipated we would.  I think we were both ready.

I am so glad that I was able to provide both of my boys with the nutrition and health benefits of breastfeeding.  I am happy they are big, strong little men.  And now, I'm glad that we're all done!

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