Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Fair

Friday night we took the boys to their first fair.  We weren't sure whether there would be much for the boys to do, but when we got there we saw many families with young children, and several rides that the boys could go on.
Upon our arrival, they were not 100% thrilled
First we went on the "cars and motorcycles" since the boys love cars and vehicles.
Getting on the ride- still not thrilled
Asher was pretty agreeable and waited patiently.  But when the ride started, he looked skeptical.
They both warmed up, and Asher started to genuinely enjoy it.  Benjamin didn't complain, but looked worried.

Asher went in the bounce house and went nuts!  He loved it.  The woman working the bounce house also gave him a little rubber ducky that he carried around for the next 2 days.  Benjamin seemed a little thrown off and nervous.  He was happy to ride on Grandpa Nick's shoulders and look around, but wasn't very interested in participating.

Then we put the boys on a ladybug ride.
Asher is sucking his thumb and holding his ducky.
Asher was grinning like a goofball!  Again, Benjamin was very serious.

Eric and I took the boys down a giant slide.
Asher and I started out ahead
But Eric and Benjamin caught up and shot ahead at the end!
Asher loved it.  As we got to the end of the slide, Asher shouted "Woo-hoo!"  He really seemed to get a kick out of everything.

Our final ride was the ferris wheel.  I rode with Asher and he was not so patient while everyone got on and off, but once we started whirling around, he was happy.  He shouted "Wooo" every time we swung down from the top.  Benjamin rode with Meema and Grandpa, and I could see him sitting between them, holding their hands.  They said that he was nervous at first, but enjoyed it after a little.  Daddy didn't go, but he said Benjamin looked a little worried through the whole ride.
Bear and Mama on the ferris wheel
After all that, and some funnel cake, we went home for baths and bedtime.  We were all so sticky!  The boys went right to sleep after that busy evening.  It was fun to switch up our usual routine, and I loved seeing the boys try new things.  It is amazing how many "firsts" we still have to experience with them!

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