Thursday, July 12, 2012

16w5d: a pregnancy update

14w5d, after dinner

I haven't said anything about the pregnancy in a little.  So far it is going very well.  My morning sickness went away around 10 weeks, and I started drinking some coffee in the mornings, so I have felt like a normal person again.  I really feel like myself, but fatter.  The feeling fatter part is frustrating for me, because I don't have much to wear.  In the picture above, I definitely look pregnant, but that is because it was taken at the end of the day.  Earlier today, at work, I asked my supervisor if I look pregnant, or just fat.  She told me it could go either way.

Then I feel silly and guilty even complaining and worrying about it.  I am so grateful for this pregnancy, and thankful everyday that I am having a healthy and (thus far) uncomplicated pregnancy.  I really have no physical complaints at this point, and we have made it to almost 17 weeks without a problem.  When I was pregnant with the boys I had bleeding at 7 weeks, again at 10 weeks, and then went on bed rest at 22 weeks.  I will definitely be a little anxious as I go from 20 to 22 weeks, since that is where the trouble started in my last pregnancy. 

So here is the update for the week:

How far along?  16w5d
Total weight gain/loss?  No idea. I have been turning my back at the doctor's office because I think it is better for my mental health not to know.
Maternity clothes?  Yes. A few non-maternity items, like larger-sized pants and stretchy tops, but more and more maternity stuff.  It's much more comfortable.
Pregnancy symptoms?  Some shortness of breath.  My tummy gets sore at night, too.
Stretch marks? Nothing new.
Sleep?  Not great.  I have trouble falling asleep because I'm not comfortable, and then often wake up early.  Sometimes to pee, sometimes because the cat is bothering me, sometimes Eric snores... who knows.  And then the boys are up around 6 or so.  Very frustrating!
Best moment last week? My first cervix check- it is "long" at this point.  And the heartbeat is nice and strong.  I love getting that reassurance!
Movement?  None yet.  I didn't feel the boys consistently til after 20 weeks, so I don't think I'll feel much for a while still.
Food cravings? None right now.  This week I have eaten a lot of vegetarian meals and a lot of ethnic food, but I think that is in part a reaction to our more meat-based American-style diet when we are up in Maine.
Gender? Most votes say boy still- based on family tradition and the timing of conception.
Labor signs? No, thank heavens.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: my waist.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out what's in there!
Milestones: First cervical check- I am making progress in the pregnancy.  The says that the baby is the size of an avocado, so grow baby, grow!

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