Sunday, July 29, 2012

19 weeks & it's a....

So, will we be dressing #3 in this:

Or this?

Well, we now know for 99+% (my OB's confidence level) that Baby #3 will be coming home in something more like outfit #2!  We are having a GIRL!

To tell the truth, we were first told it was a girl at my ultrasound at 16w4d, but I was too afraid to believe it could actually be true.  That, and my neighbor told me that a friend of hers was told she was having a girl, only to give birth to a boy- definitely not what I wanted to have happen.  So I waited until we had another ultrasound, and the doctor said the same thing- still a girl in there!  I cannot believe that we are having a daughter.  I feel so fortunate to not only be pregnant with this wonderful and unplanned pregnancy, but to now get a little girl after two perfect boys!

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that Eric and I have always wanted a daughter.  We were definitely disappointed when we found out we were having two boys in my last pregnancy, especially because we were undecided on whether we would have a 3rd.  Of course by the time my boys arrived, my disappointment was gone and I was only happy to see their beautiful faces.  And I love having two boys.  They are exhausting, but so clever, energetic, funny, and sweet.  They are both more affectionate than many of their same-aged female friends, and I felt satisfied that even if I only had boys, they would both love me as much as I love them.

But with this second pregnancy came another chance to have a daughter.  I thought if Eric and I would try to have another on our own, we would do it any old wives' tale way we could to conceive a girl.  Surprise pregnancies kind of take that off the table, though.  I was pretty convinced we would have a boy, just by the timing of conception (two days after ovulation), and by family history.  In Eric's family, 4 of the grandsons have had biological children- none of the granddaughters do- and there are 9 great-grandsons.  No biological great-granddaughters, although we have our two nieces, who are adopted.  In Eric's family, it seems the boys make boys.  So imagine our shock and surprise when my OB typed, "I AM A GIRL" on the ultrasound screen!  Apparently the boy streak ends here- and my sister-in-law was just as excited as we were!

I had said long ago, when Eric and I were trying to decide whether we would have a third, that I didn't care if it was a boy or a girl.  And that is true, I definitely did not feel that our family was "complete," and although we have achieved a certain level of chaos, I imagined it just a little more chaotic than it already is!  I found that I love my boys so much that I want to love more, that I love being a mom so much that I don't want it to end with them.  I would love, with all my heart, another child, boy or girl.  It is just good fortune that I now get to have a daughter along with my two sons.  I imagine them as big brothers, protecting her and looking out for her.

There are many things I am looking forward to with this third child: breastfeeding again (although not for 2 years, enough is enough, even for me), having the opportunity to deliver just one baby, holding a newborn again, watching Eric with a daughter when he is already so tender with his sons, seeing my two little guys become big brothers.

This weekend we are not too busy- some social plans, a lot of baking, but mostly just spending time together as a family.


How far along?  19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  I am turning my back to the scale at the OB's.  They have not yet told me to go on a diet.
Maternity clothes?  Yes, except for a few tank tops and t-shirts that are stretchy.
Pregnancy symptoms?  I still have sore breasts. And sometimes irritability.
Stretch marks? Nothing new.
Sleep?  Insomnia, still. Sometimes trouble falling asleep at night, but more often waking up too early and having trouble falling back to sleep.  My trouble falling back to sleep is not helped by my cat, Trouble, who has taken to sleeping on top of my head at night and kneading my scalp.  It is very annoying and disruptive!
Best moment last week? Confirmation we are having a girl!
Movement?  I feel the baby everyday.  No little flutters or anything, probably because I have an anterior placenta, but bigger kicks and movements.
Food cravings? No strong cravings.  Like I said before, I am trying to eat healthy and a variety of foods.  Fortunately I love a lot of healthy foods (and some not-so-healthy ones, like ice cream).
Gender? GIRL!
Labor signs? I think the Braxton-Hicks have started already.  They seem to happen more at night.  Nothing uncomfortable, but of course I hate that I'm having them again. It makes me worry that I'll have cervical problems again, too.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: getting more exercise.
What I am looking forward to: Our 20 week anatomy scan is on Friday with the same OB who delivered our boys. I am hoping that everything is as it should be- at this point I am not overly worried but I love knowing all is well.
Milestones: One week from today is 20 weeks, then my next goal is 24. For now I am 19 weeks, my cervix is still fine, and I have no restrictions.

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