Monday, July 16, 2012

two firsts

Tonight Benjamin peed in the potty!  I am not attempting to potty train, or pushing it on the boys, but I did buy a potty seat to go on top of the toilet in their bathroom.  For the most part, they have just put it on the toilet and taken it off, but refused to sit on it.

I've been going to the bathroom in front of the boys with the door open, and making a big deal out of how I am going pee on the potty.  They think it is great when I go, and love to flush the toilet when I'm done.

Most nights we are kind of in a hurry to get the boys bathed and into bed, but tonight everyone was in a decent mood, and we weren't in a rush.  I asked Benjamin if he wanted to use his potty, and he did, so he hopped on, and was there for a little, then hopped off.  I saw that he had peed (it was kind of on the potty seat, whoops) and was suitably admiring of his accomplishments.  He seemed very happy with my positive feedback.  We asked Asher if he wanted to go, and he looked at the toilet and absolutely refused.  I guess I will be changing his diapers forever!

I should add that Benjamin did pee on the toilet once before, after asking to poop on the potty- but this was the first time he asked to pee and then did.  I think we're a long way from actually being potty trained, but any small step is an accomplishment.  Benjamin has also started telling me he has pooped AFTER he's done it, and asking me to change his diaper.  Every day, I tell him "Tell Mommy before you go and you can go on the potty!" but without any luck so far.

The other first- I am starting to feel the baby moving.  I am surprised to feel it at 17 weeks when I didn't feel the boys until at least 19, but I am.  I am not feeling any small movements, just big ones, like the baby is flipping or kicking.  Today I was sitting and trying to study with my hand on my belly and I felt the baby move, both from inside and outside!  I am excited for the time when Eric can feel it, too.

While it is exciting, I told Eric it is hard to feel attached and excited at 17 weeks, when we are still so far from viability.  I am starting to have anxiety- am I overdoing it? Is everything ok with my cervix? Is it normal to feel tired and worn out at the end of the day?  The doctor told me I don't have any restrictions yet, and everything looks good.  I need to relax and just enjoy this pregnancy, especially since this is it- I will never be pregnant again.  I am trying to keep in mind what a gift every aspect of this pregnancy is, even though my natural tendency is to be anxious over everything.  I am lucky to be pregnant, I am lucky everything so far has been perfect.  I need to remind myself just to enjoy that.

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