Sunday, December 16, 2012

crappy iphone picture of the belly, next to the tree, in our new house
How far along?  39w1d
Total weight gain/loss? I went about 3 weeks without gaining weight, but I think at my last visit I think I had gained some (because they didn't say that I had stayed the same weight).
Maternity clothes? Obviously.  
Pregnancy symptoms?  I feel pretty good, all things considered. I have heartburn off and on, but otherwise I have a fair amount of energy.  I even shaved my legs this morning- comfortably.
Stretch marks? Oh yes. And getting worse, it feels like.  On Friday my skin felt so painful, like it is tearing apart.  I am dreading the post-partum belly.
Sleep? Terrible!  I wake up a million times a night- to pee, if Eric snores/breathes, if the cats are on the bed... and then the nights I do sleep well and solidly I wake up very early and lie there with a million thoughts running through my head.    
Best moment last week? Just listening to my guys talk more and more.  Asher keeps saying things I didn't know he knew- like "Water please, Mommy.  I thirsty!"
Movement?  She is a big mover.  Last night around 1:30 am she went wild, and I swear it felt like she was trying to crawl out!  That is what made Monday night into Tuesday so worrisome.
Food cravings? No particular food, although I wouldn't mind a cheeseburger and milkshake!  That was my mom's pregnancy food with me.
Gender? Counting on it being a girl since I painted her room a coral color...  
Labor signs? Still no real signs of labor.  At my OB appointment on Wednesday I was 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced, but that's it.  Yesterday I moved- actually helped move, like lifted and pushed and carried and packed and unpacked, and nothing.  Come on, baby!
Belly button in/out? In. But it has this top part that pokes out a tiny bit, and I think that's all I'll get.
What I miss: There really isn't anything I am missing.  I can't move too quickly and I am still stiff when I get up, but I am not good at following pregnant lady food rules, so I have had whatever I wanted to eat.  And tonight I had some wine with dinner!
What I am looking forward to:  We close on our old house on Friday (although this makes me more sad than happy.  I will really miss that place.  Going in there now and having it be echoey and empty is hard- it makes me tear up to go in there).  And potentially, I might have a baby this week- although every day I am still pregnant makes me feel like it is less likely I will ever be un-pregnant.
Milestones: We're moved into our new house.  The boys seem to be adjusting pretty well, although tonight Benjamin was looking at pictures he took at our old house and he said "Go home, go home to Boo Boo's house." We spent last night here and then this morning just hung out in our pj's to give the guys some time to get used to the place.  I am glad we have at least gotten this settled without my having the baby.

I also never thought I would still be pregnant right now.  A full-term baby!  She feels huge in there.  I am still vacillating between excitement at meeting her and no longer being pregnant (although I think have had the easiest, most painless pregnancy ever) and feeling sad that I'll never be pregnant again, and that our lives will have to go through yet another transition.

We are looking forward to my in-laws visiting on Friday for Christmas.  We got a tree today- bad Jews!- but I love the smell and the way it looks.  It is also helping the boys be excited about their new house.  

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