Wednesday, December 12, 2012

what a week... and it's only wednesday

Well, how can one week take so long?  We are getting ready to move on Saturday, and we made a schedule, but life seems to get in the way of things like that.

Everyone has been sick.  Grandma Sonia was in the hospital on Saturday and Sunday- they are not sure what it was, but she was dehydrated and then had tummy trouble.  On Monday my mom went to get her and bring her back to the facility where they leave, and found my Grandpa David very sick with tummy trouble, and no one had helped him.  Oy!  Then on Sunday night Jane had either a terrible case of food poisoning or a bad stomach bug.

Our immediate family has shared a little cold, so there have been runny noses, coughs, and some sneezes.  Then today Asher got sent home from school after nap time because he threw up.  I was at work (lucky me!) and Eric had to go get him, and Benjamin didn't want to stay without his brother.  Asher threw up several more times, but seemed to be done by the time I got home from work.  Then Benjamin started dragging, which is unusual.  No throw up from him, but both my mom and I have had bouts of nausea (without vomiting) in the past couple of days, so maybe he had that same feeling but a stronger tummy than Asher.  And now Grandpa Nick is in bed complaining of aches and nausea.  Oy!  All I can think is, thank goodness I haven't had this baby and don't have to worry about her getting sick!

Regardless, movers are coming on Saturday at 9 am to move our furniture.  If we have to dump things into boxes and carry them down the street, we will, but come hell or high water, we are moving in some fashion on Saturday.  I am starting to get really excited about living in our new house.  I am not sure how I will live in the kitchen or where I will put our things, but I love the paint colors in our living room and dining room and am excited to have my family in a beautiful new home.

In other drama this week- I made my first (and hopefully only) anxious pregnant lady call and visit to the doctor yesterday.  After not feeling Petunia move for about 12 hours, I called the OB in tears.  She hadn't moved after my nighttime ice cream treat, she hadn't moved when I got in bed for the night, which is our usual busy time, and she didn't move through the night or after breakfast.  The nurse at the OB's office sent me in for a non-stress test, and I had to go to Labor & Delivery because all the other testing beds were booked.  Everyone in L&D was really nice, and the second I climbed up on the bed to get monitored, she started to kick.  I kind of felt silly, but the nurses told me I did the right thing, and that they would rather see me everyday between now and delivery if things don't feel right than have me stay home and feel silly about calling.  I thought that was really nice.  Since I went in, and today, she has been her usual overactive self, which is reassuring.

I did have my regular OB appointment today, and he said I am now 2 cm dilated.  I guess progress is progress, but it does not seem that this baby plans to come out anytime soon.  I am fine with staying pregnant through the weekend- we have so much to do, having a baby is not on the list.  I am just mystified as to how my wimpy cervix was so ready to throw in the towel in my last pregnancy and is now holding on strong.  I know the baby will come when she's ready, but I think we're all starting to panic that my in-laws will come down here for Christmas and not have a new grandchild to see.  I think we all believed I would have the baby early- but we were wrong!

Fortunately for me, I feel great- physically I do feel like I could be pregnant forever.  I have plenty of energy, very few aches and pains.  I am slow and more easily out of breath, but other than that I feel very normal.  I still wear high heels to work, my rings still fit, and I still have ankles.  Apparently my body knows this is my last pregnancy and wants to make it last!

My guess is- the next time I post we'll be in our new house! I will take some photos to post on here.  A lot of excitement coming soon!

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