Friday, February 22, 2013

Charlotte: 2 months old

Charlotte is 2 months old!  First, some pictures from the past few days: 
Big brothers playing with their little sister
Not in love with the Bumbo
Mommy with her two guys!
Asher in his monkey costume at meema's house 
Purim celebration at school.  Thy are in the middle, in front of the woman in blue.  They didn't smile once.
Tummy time

Now, Charlotte's 2-month update:
Height and Weight: Height: 23.5" (although they said 24" when I was there).  Weight: 13 lbs. Both are in the 83rd percentile.
Clothing size: Mostly 3 months, and a few 3-6 month clothes.  She is wearing Size 2 diapers but I really feel like a size 3 would also work.
Milestones: Charlotte smiles, holds her head up well, and makes little coos and gurgles.  She seems very social- she gets upset when she knows she is alone in a room.
Outings and Adventures: Charlotte has had dinner out in Philadelphia with the grown ups for my mom's birthday, a girls' night out with me, a 1st birthday party for her friend Max, to the mall a few times, Costco, and various friends' houses for play group and play dates.
Routine/Schedule: Charlotte is definitely awake more and more of the time.  She plays on her play mat a lot, and is fascinated by the lights.  We don't have much of a daytime schedule these days, because we base our lives around the boys.  She is definitely getting more picky about where she sleeps, but will fall asleep in the car pretty easily.  She will usually take one very good, long nap during the day, and then lots of little cat naps here and there.  Bedtime is at 9- we go upstairs, she gets in her pajamas and swaddled, then we nurse, and hopefully she goes right to sleep.  I would guess that she is asleep by 10 most nights.  She's been sleeping well- often through until 5 or 6 o'clock.  I would say that most nights, she only wakes up once to eat.  After her first wake-up, she wakes up 3 hours later on the dot.
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite person: mommy, but she seems to like Asher a lot, too.  She will calm down quickly if he comes to talk to her, and loves to see his face- she always smiles at him.
Favorite book: Lately she has heard "Bunny Cakes" every night for weeks, so she must like that the best.
Other big news or highlights of the month: Yesterday she turned 2 months, and we had cake with great-grandma Sonia for Sonia's 88th birthday.  At Charlotte's doctor appointment today, she got an A+!  She looks beautiful and healthy, with a strong neck and grip.  She got her 2 month shots today, and has handled them really well.  It broke my heart to hear her cry, but she quieted down quickly with some hugs and kisses.  She got compliments all around on her beauty!

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