Friday, February 8, 2013

talking up a storm

So my boys have been very late to talk, but they are talking now!  Benjamin is harder to understand, and Asher talks more, but they are both saying some funny stuff.

This morning, Asher got in bed with Eric and me, and when I peeked over at him, he climbed over Eric to cuddle with me.  He said, "I like Mommy's boobs."  Hmm.  Thanks, Asher.  I said, "I like THIS Asher!" and tapped him in the forehead.  He then reached over and said, "I like THIS mommy!" and tapped me on the forehead.  He was just being sweet, silly, and funny.  Then we heard banging and I said, "It sounds like Benjamin's up!"  We waited for him to come in, which he did, and when he got to the side of the bed, carrying two big books and his blanket, I said, "good morning, Boo!" and he said, "I got a lot of stuff!"

Asher is listening and questioning.  I once told him to take his nap because he had bags under his eyes, and he went nuts!  "What's under my eyes, Mommy? What's under my eyes?"  How do you explain that expression?  The other day we were leaving Panera after lunch with our friends and I said, "Let's hit the road!"  Asher said, "No hitting, Mommy!" And I explained that it just meant we were going home.  For the next few days, Asher kept saying, "We hit the road!  We hit the road!"

I like that they can tell me what they want to eat, although I don't like when they don't eat what they specifically asked for.  Benjamin has been going through a phase of saying, "No like" to everything.  "No like pancakes.  No like eggs.  No like banana."  These are all things he DOES like, so it is extra frustrating.  Initially we tried to reason with him (hahaha) but found it a waste of time and energy, so now we just ignore his protests.

I love their voices and hearing them talk to me.  I love that they are sweet, funny, and loving.  A friend commented that she is snuggling her baby, who is 6 months old, as much as she can since she knows he won't want to snuggle soon.  She was telling me this as Benjamin climbed on to my lap and wrapped his arms around me for kisses- I told her not to worry, he might just snuggle forever!  I don't know if it is the fact that I am so physically affectionate with my children, but my boys are by far the must cuddly, snuggly children we know.  I get such pleasure from hugging and kissing them and smelling their little boy smell.  And now that they're talking, I know they like it, too.

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