Wednesday, May 22, 2013

funny things

a rare quiet moment
Here are some of the things the boys have been saying that are pretty funny:

Asher: Why are you friends with Maddie's mommy and daddy?
Me: I don't know, Asher, why are you friends with Maddie?
Asher: Because I love her.
Benjamin feeding the rabbit at Sylvie's birthday party

Benjamin likes to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep, but instead of saying "one for the little boy who lives down the lane," he sings, "one for the little boy who lives in the MUD!" and cracks up.  I laughed once (the first time), and he thinks that it is still just as funny if he says it 100 times, so I hear it a lot.

We got lost going to the playground one day, thanks to my fabulous sense of direction (not our usual playground, thank you). I had to pull in to an old gas station to get directions on my phone and asked the boys to be quiet because we were lost.  That night at dinner, with my parents, Asher said, "We went to a gas station today.  Mommy not find the playground! We LOST!"  We are officially at the stage where my kids will rat me out.
The boys and some stinky goats

Asher woke up during a thunderstorm one night.  He was scared of the thunder, which he calls "humber." The next day he told me, "I 'cared from the humber! It sound like a monster knocking on my door!"

Benjamin came out of his room and said, "I pee in my room."  What?!?!  Yes. He had removed his pants and diaper and peed on the floor of his room!  I guess we need another little potty for our house.

It's not especially funny, but Benjamin is being frustrating with food.
Me: What do you want for breakfast, Benjamin?
Benjamin: Nuffin'!
Me: You have to have some breakfast, Benjamin. What do you want to eat?
Benjamin: [chooses food here]
Me: make food, serve it
Benjamin: I no want this! I want EGGS!
I don't make him whatever he wants on round 2, so we get a lot of leftover breakfast sitting on the table. I pack it up and take it out with us for their snack.  I hate wasting food.

We were at the playground and there was a soda machine.  The guys ran up to it and yelled, "Mommy! You need some of this wine?"  I wasn't sure whether to be thrilled that my guys don't know what soda is, or embarrassed that they think I drink that much wine.
Asher feeding a super cute rabbit

Asher is also a big boss.  He repeats whatever admonitions Eric and I give the boys.  Eric scolded Benjamin one night and said, "Benjamin! I can't believe you did this!"  Minutes later Eric heard Asher go up to Benjamin and say, "Benjamin! I not be-leeb you do this!"

Asher has started using modifiers.  Kind of, just, probably...  Whenever he says, "I'm just gonna..." you know he is about to do something he knows he's not allowed to do.  He also asks for "a couple" or "a few" of things, even though he has no idea what that will amount to.  He has, on the other hand, started to count accurately.

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