Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a little bragging about my baby

Charlotte is just doing so well!  In the past couple of weeks she has 100% learned to crawl.  She isn't fast the way she will be soon, but she is all over the place.  Apparently she is already figuring out how to crawl up steps, too.  Oh, boy.  We had just put the coffee table back in our living room about 4 months ago, and now it's gone again.

She's also babbling, which the boys didn't do much of, but which is so much fun.  She says "ba" and "ma," and then has a variety of other mouth noises: raspberries (tongue in or out), clicking her tongue, and now yelling while covering/uncovering her mouth with her fist.  As my mom said, she is very pleased with herself.

I also can't get over how beautiful she is.  In all the time I dreamed about having a daughter, I don't think I ever imagined she would be this beautiful.  Eric and I do good work!

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